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  1. NBA 2019-2020

    Interesting to see if the chemistry between Gobert and Mitchell changes once games start again. Although there's always the chance Mitchell gave it to Gobert rather than the other way around.
  2. NBA 2019-2020

    Huge LeBron fan. He is still the best player in the league when in top gear, IMO. He's great to watch. I've never seen a player control a game better than he does. I just don't think he's the MVP, that's all.
  3. Premier League Gameweek 29

    They're lucky they have such a big lead. They look absolutely out of gas. EDIT: Lucky probably not the right word. The lead is obviously deserved but you know what I mean.
  4. NBA 2019-2020

    It's really just ESPN, Bleacher Report and the other mainstream media fueling their major market obsession. LeBron deserves a lot of credit for the season the Lakers are having but yeah, Giannis is MVP.
  5. NBA 2019-2020

    Knicks going after Paul would be the wrong move, IMO. Obviously I hope they do but it's short-term thinking and would only serve to make their picks worse for the immediate future. They should just go full on Process and tank for more young talent.
  6. NBA 2019-2020

    Rumours of the Knicks being interested in Paul. If Presti can get a future Knicks first I'd be ecstatic.
  7. NBA 2019-2020

    Bucks are good.
  8. NBA 2019-2020

    This. It's why Nick Collison had his jersey retired by OKC. The contribution goes beyond wins.
  9. NBA 2019-2020

    Diallo's dunk was great. Over Shaq, in the superman suit, with the Vince Carter finish. The rest sucked. DSJ and Collins were awful.
  10. NBA 2019-2020

    What is with some of those assigned values
  11. NBA 2019-2020

    Russell Westbrook is good at basketball and I don't care what anyone says.
  12. NBA 2019-2020

    Wiggins is garbage. I expect Draymomd to hit him at some point next season out of frustration. Clippers did well. Barring injuries they should win the championship.
  13. NBA 2019-2020

    Rockets weren't going anywhere with Capela anyway. Seems to be a neutral move if anything to me. If they can pick-up a center on the buyout it'll help somewhat.
  14. NBA 2019-2020

    Something poetic about Houston wasting Harden's prime due to luxury tax concerns considering how he got there in the first place.
  15. NBA 2019-2020

    OKC will tank next season or the one after. There own pick will be good. Who knows where Houston will be in 3-5 years too. Those picks might be very valuable.