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  1. 2021 American Civil War - Confederates storm the Capitol

    Are these things ever not a farce? It's like watching a murder trial and the defence just goes "We all know what my client did but this murder charge is ludacris because he also helped his neighbour build a shed once and he's never been late for work, so a lot of people really likes him".
  2. 2021 American Civil War - Confederates storm the Capitol

    You know it's bad when you're not 100% sure whether a countries elected leaders bring guns to work because they want to protect themselves from a potential domestic terrorist attack or because they might want to join the terrorists and shoot their colleagues on the other side of the floor. That...
  3. Top of the League!

    :lol: I had forgotten how it feels to be top of the league so I'm going to enjoy it as long as it lasts.
  4. Burnley vs Manchester United

    Utter chaos, they’ve had four great chances in the past 5min.
  5. Burnley vs Manchester United

    Get in! I guess Burnley will be forced to actually start playing football now.
  6. Burnley vs Manchester United

    :confused: Yes he did.
  7. Burnley vs Manchester United

    The rules say otherwise. If the level of contact is deemed too harsh or dangerous then it’s a free kick no matter if you got the ball first.
  8. Burnley vs Manchester United

    It’s reckless play, just because he gets a toe on the ball doesn’t mean he’s free to go into the situation like that and plant his studs in the guy’s leg.
  9. Burnley vs Manchester United

    Doesn’t matter in those situations, it’s dangerous/reckless play.
  10. The Trump Presidency

    I checked his twitter feed the other day after he was quoted in here and it's scary how far down the rabbit hole he is. I think I only read ten tweets but he managed to check all the moron boxes in those ten with ease.. At least there's no cultural loss for me as I mostly know him from Meet the...
  11. The Greatest Footballer of All Time

    Messi is 170cm tall unless Barca's own website and the vast majority of the results on google are lying to me. According to who you want to believe Pele was either 172,173 or 174cm tall when he was active. So he's at best 4cm taller, and I'm going to drop this now since CR7 debunks the original...
  12. The Greatest Footballer of All Time

    Simple math proved it to be absurd. My opinion is that your statement about this (and pretty much everything else you've said in this thread) is complete bulls***. He was 3cm taller.
  13. Trophies that the losing side should have won

    Even though they didn't make it to the final I'd say Brazil in the 1982 WC.
  14. The Greatest Footballer of All Time

    I thought we went over this already, this is a terrible argument because it's not backed by anything other than a "because I said so". If that's the best you can come up with to prove that modern players would be injured most of the time if they played back in the day then maybe you shouldn't...
  15. 2021 American Civil War - Confederates storm the Capitol

    Absolutely nothing and he knows it. It's just a buzzword to get the mob frothing at the mouth.