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  1. The shocking decline of Trent Alexander Arnold

    I’ll laugh if England are chasing a goal with a sub left and they take off Walker for super assister Arnold instead of an attacker.
  2. Refs & VAR 2020/2021 Discussion

    To be fair at first I thought you was saying anyone who thinks it’s not offside is wrong because the rules say this or that. Now you’ve replied to me saying it’s a subjective call by the ref, so it seems your stance has changed somewhat.
  3. Refs & VAR 2020/2021 Discussion

    [ well that’s what I’ve been saying from the start. If in the everton game the ball was squared and then scored the ref would have to make a subjective decision whether sigurdson impeded and he obviously wouldn’t have impeded from where he was so goal would likely stand. That’s how I view the...
  4. Refs & VAR 2020/2021 Discussion

    They’re similar but totally different
  5. Refs & VAR 2020/2021 Discussion

    Are these the rules about it being a shot on goal or just a pass just how you are reading them? Genuinely curious as I see the situations totally different if you’re saying it’s the same as the everton decision due to the rules. I thought everton was offside because sigurdson clearly got in the...
  6. Refs & VAR 2020/2021 Discussion

    That’s a totally different situation where the player in front of the keeper is directly in line of sight of the shot and even had to move. It’s obviously offside. if the everton player squared it to a team mate who then passed it into the net that would be a similar situation. And it would...
  7. Refs & VAR 2020/2021 Discussion

    That player offside there is neither impeding the goalkeepers view of the ball or impeding him trying to play the ball
  8. Should the women's game have smaller stuff in it?

    Not one to ever watch women’s football I watched the second half of the champions league final last night after seeing a thread about the first half on here at the time. I was seriously disappointed with the quality to be honest, the pinnacle of women’s club football and the standard was pretty...
  9. The shocking decline of Trent Alexander Arnold

    Exactly what? He’s not as good as the other 3 at defending but take him because he offers something different? But he never actually does when he’s played for England.
  10. The shocking decline of Trent Alexander Arnold

    I’m still struggling to believe you think Arnold is streets ahead of Walker as a fullback
  11. The shocking decline of Trent Alexander Arnold

    If say if England are chasing a goal it’s probably going to be against decent opposition as to be fair they usually walk over the smaller teams, and if you’re chasing a goal against France or the like then I’d want a better defender than Arnold covering that break away from the opposition. what...
  12. The shocking decline of Trent Alexander Arnold

    Speak for yourself
  13. The shocking decline of Trent Alexander Arnold

    I find it hysterical that England have foden, sancho, grealish, rashford, greenwood, Kane, Sterling and more but people think they better take Arnold incase they need a goal even though they have actual wingbacks they could use who can defend
  14. The shocking decline of Trent Alexander Arnold

    I agree with that, people in here talking about him as if he’s a right winger and the assist king England need, forgetting that England are actually overloaded with attacking talent and actually just need a defender, something they have about 3 players better than Trent at actually doing.