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  1. Chris Smalling | 2019/20 Performances

    I don't agree at all. Teams could just sit off Maguire and then pressurize Smalling every time he would have the ball. The ball boys would need to double their salaries to cope with all the extra work they would be doing. Also, DeGea would have to hoof it long every time (which might not be...
  2. Destabilise each team as best you can by removing one player

    Remind me how many Champions Leagues titles we won after he left? Our steady decline was due to not sufficiently replacing him (almost impossible job) and then it was only highlighted to a greater extent when Sir Alex retired.
  3. Odion Ighalo: Manchester United player on loan until the end of the season

    Something about this man and his love for the club makes me fell all warm inside...I am so happy that he did well last night and got his goal. Great interview after the game. Sad to hear about his sister passing away, she was a United fan as well according to him.
  4. What's your midfield three with everyone fit?

    "Easily be upgraded" I don't know where to start with this. You mean Fred who has been MOTM in countless matches for us this year and McT who more or less carried our midfield on his own last year and who we have badly missed whilst he was injured? Honestly I sometimes wonder what reality some...
  5. Destabilise each team as best you can by removing one player

    Manchester United - Ronaldo Real Madrid - Ronaldo Juventus - Ronaldo
  6. Is Pogba as good as gone?

    That is a bit harsh. I thought they were doing pretty well for about 75 mins. Modric and Valverde in particular. They will need to replace Modric eventually but Pogba is not capable of playing the same role as Modric currently does in that team. He is too undisciplined.
  7. Mason Greenwood | 2019/20 Performances

    Is that going to be for a new career of his? :eek:
  8. Should we sell David De Gea?

    If we could possibly get a decent price for him, then yes. We have enough cover with Romero, Henderson, Kovar. The problem will be in getting the decent price....
  9. Brandon Williams is better than Luke Shaw

    I agree that he is a better left back than Williams, but the issue is that we are not playing 442 at the moment. We are playing with wing backs and 3 at the back. Shaw seems to be needed in the back 3 and perhaps is not suited to the wing back position (we have all seen him huffing and puffing...
  10. Brandon Williams is better than Luke Shaw

    I think all that is needed here is a bit of perspective. He is a still a very young player in his first season at 1st team level. He has had some good games, some okay games, and some rubbish ones. Did you think that McTominay was "a Manchester United player" when he first came on the scene...
  11. Martial is our most important player

    Well since discussing this I have had the chance to talk to a mate who is a die hard ‘Pool fan. He says this discussion has come up many times on their forums and the concensus is that there is no chance that they would drop Firmino. If anyone would be dropped it would be Salah. But the majority...
  12. Martial is our most important player

    It really is. I don't mean that I would not have him. Messi is the best player in the World but as I said Klopp wants players who will fulfill specific roles in his formation. Firmino is crucial to that formation. So which one of the front 3 would get dropped? I think Salah would be most likely...
  13. Rashford suffers a double stress fracture | March 18: Training with toilet paper

    Oh for God’s sakes man. He had a slight injury which was not enough for the medical team and the player himself to decide was enough to miss out on playing. Of course as a Manager you want to then play him. It was then unlucky that he was more severely injured due to a badly timed tackle. Ole...
  14. Martial is our most important player

    That is a silly comment. Different players have different styles of play. Take Messi or Aguero as examples, are they at it for 90 mins? I am not saying that Martial is at their level, merely that it is not true to say that the top players are at it for 90 mins. Some run more than others, that is...
  15. Bruno Fernandes | 2020 Performances

    Agree with everything you said here. I know it is a small thing, but I was happy to listen to his interview as well, he speaks very good English which will help him to fit in with everyone at the club as well.