£5m is just Fab, Fergie

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    £5m is just Fab, Fergie


    FABIEN BARTHEZ has this message for Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson: Thanks for all the money.

    Keeper Barthez, who has signed a two-year contract with Marseille in the build-up to next week’s UEFA Cup-tie with Newcastle, could not be happier.

    One reason is what the France star calls Fergie’s ‘lovely present’ — a world record £5million pay-off.

    Barthez, 33, confessed: “It’s easy to make a player crack. United could have kept me on as No 3 keeper and I’d have spent my time in the stand until I left of my own accord.

    “But, by granting me a big pay-off, they gave me a lovely present. The truth is they paid me well for my departure because I was straight, honest, professional and respectful.

    “I will never thank Alex Ferguson enough for nearly four years spent with him. I know why I left and I know that no one else knows. I respect Ferguson — he has never let me down.”

    There are other reasons why Barthez is happy back in France.

    He said: “I have everything here — a big stadium, lots of pressure — and it’s perfect for my 10-month-old son Leni, the first of my priorities. The climate is great and the grandparents not far away.”

    In other words, only Bobby Robson’s Newcastle can wipe the smile off Barthez’s face at the moment.
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    Bloody hell, £5m!, he should be happy.
    He`s still a nice guy though.
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    Sky1981 says I am not Cristiano Ronaldo. Why? 1. I
    Great Lad.

    Fecking rich lad.