A public apology to Marcus Rashford

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May 16, 2009

First of all an apology to Rashford for falling into the trap of thinking the kid had an ‘ego’ issue. In hindsight it was frustration with the Mourinho era and the politics he played with players and I think that boiled over into dislike of the attitude of certain players in United ranks including Rashford. He was trying to turn them into ‘winners’ I guess but it was more like he was trying to turn them into cnuts but it is besides the point - Rashford has shown he is an amazing kid (expanded on below).

Secondly, failing to understand what he brings to the game as a player. Some players do 9 things out of 10 right with the ball but they’ve not actually progressed the game in a meaningful way i.e. play in a very conservative way and go hiding when times are tough - Rashford has absolute balls of steel and he is one of the biggest risk takers we have ever seen at United - so whilst that can lead to inconsistency over the 90 minutes, as we have seen recently - he is getting more right than wrong and that leads to regular spectacular matchwinning exploits. No doubt he would get into most of the top sides in Europe unless you’re incredibly biased against him.

Finally his off the pitch exploits. What he’s been doing with the schools meal project is nothing short of heroic and the fact it is a Manchester United lad doing it is a massive source of pride - he deserves all the credit he has been getting recently and I hope it continues to make serious waves.

End of the day I had an opinion on Rashford and it was wrong - big deal. I don’t think I constantly belittled him or used stupid comparisons like Darren Bent etc but I did think he was being overrated and I underestimated his ability.

For that I am sorry and I hope the lad continues to smash it.

Peace x


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Mar 6, 2012
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Even Sir Alex could be wrong about judging players. Us, mere mortals, are more likely so.


Mar 16, 2011
I'm sure Rashford is over the moon and will accept the apology. The lesson here is to have more faith in our players and realize that the grass on the other side is not always greener no matter how awesome highlights make a player look. Create fewer over the top, pointless threads basically and not more of them.
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