Amad Diallo | Sunderland Loan Watch

Not watching but seems like you guys are watching a different game to those on the Sunderland forum

- Diallo having a mare but still feel like he'll have a moment of quality.
- Diallo not looking too confident
- If only Fiallo could tome those rins a tad better
- Diallo been absolutely terrible so far.
- Ahmad only running on 60% magic so far.
- You could argue that Diallo is having both a good game and an absolute stinker.

Interesting but the halftime analysis said he was the best player for Sunderland.
Even the match commentators said he's the best player on the pitch. Not sure what the Sunderland fans are on about.
A great touch from Amad here that won't come up in either the highlights or the stats.
Ref just gifted them a double whammy.

Was a red, but nowhere near the pen.

Amad is by far the best player on the pitch, but he's off, lazy, lacking the clarity....

Goes to show how good he is.
He completely dictates the way his team plays. The moves are constructed through him in his style. It must be refreshing to be a Sunderland fan at the moment due to the sophisticated brand of football they are playing. These little give-and-go's between Amad and Roberts are lovely to watch.
Been very quiet this second half,

Was expecting Amad and Sunderland to dominate but Boro have been brilliant since going down to ten.
Great goal, quick shift to the right then back to the left to open the space. really well done.
He makes it look so easy, and he has such a rapid shot, gives the defenders and goalkeepers no chance to even react.