Bluemoon goes into Meltdown


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Jul 7, 2013
they were more upset about our game than their own
Cheating bastads, Telles is at it now, go within a foot and he's on the deck with resulting free kick, these rags and refs need pulling.
Its fecking bent
Absolutely ridiculous 100%penalty
Just fecking bent.

Corruption in plain sight.

The difference between the VAR calls we get and they get is unreal.

Blatant penalty.
The game is fecked beyond repair
Will never be the same
Really close to feckin it off
pen to Utd
If this doesn't get overturned it's a joke.
This is feckin crazy
Piss off

fecking bent cnuts
If that’d been us there’s no way they would’ve let us retake it


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Jul 7, 2013
Southampton 2 - 3 Manchester United

Anyone would think they’d thrown this
I don't feckin believe it!!!!
can see where this season is going.
fecking embarrassing from Southampton.
I turned it off at half time. Sensed it was inevitable.
Trying to make a Maradona connection.

feck off
Over the years, I've never known a team who come back like this time and time again. Even when shit.

Just feck off. cnuts.
Nothing to worry about from these two sides. Southampton 5th before this game - shown now to be a false position. United don't look good either. Neither team capable of retaining possession for more than a few passes. Very disappointing from Southampton though.
When we go 1-0 away from home we never fecking come back. These have done it 3 times this season.

Really poor second half from Southampton.
Very very suspicious
Saints just gave up second half and unrecognisable from first half
They were awful
Really awful


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Aug 17, 2009
Shows they didn't watch the game. Saints were shite first half too. Got 2 set pieces.