Bolton Wanderers | bankruptcy administrators find them new owners

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  1. May 8, 2019

    Drifter American

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    Bolton Wanderers owner Ken Anderson has announced he has been left with "little or no choice" other than to place the club into administration.

    Wanderers appeared in the High Court on Wednesday over a £1.2m unpaid tax bill.

    The case was adjourned until 22 May, allowing time for an administrator can be appointed.

    Administration would result in the club, relegated to League One this season, having a 12-point penalty imposed on them next term.

    Former Watford owner Laurence Bassini had been part of a takeover bid, but Wanderers said on Thursday that the deal was off.

    Bassini, who had been given 48 hours to prove to the English Football League he had the funds to take over, later said he had control of the club, but it was reported on Monday that his bid was on the brink of collapse.
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    DavidDeSchmikes Full Member

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    It is shocking how it has gotten this bad.
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    Spiersey Chelsea fan

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    Is there a trade union for Non playing staff at football clubs? The players, who more than likely are able to survive without a month or twos wages, are helped massively by the PFA when things like this happen. The background staff are the ones who are affected the most and it feels like there is no known help for them.
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    Jun 14, 2019

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    Looks like they've got new owners.

    The administrators have confirmed that they've had offers that they can accept (from people with Football league approval and proof of funds)

    It looks like the buyers are Football Ventures - who are a group of Manchester based businessmen/women. They tried to buy it as a going concern a few months back, but pulled out when they discovered "hidden debts" during the due diligence phase. They're now buying it from the bankruptcy administrators.

    All being well with the final paperwork the deal will be confirmed this week:

    With Blackpool getting new owners this week as well, it would be nice to see Bury get sorted next.