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Without Eriksen in the team we lose the only player we have that provides a bit of control in midfield. This was the same as last season after he got injured, our team lacked something without him.

it just shows how much we miss having an intelligent player to link up our different phases of the game.
He's playing the Scholes post retirement role from the bench, which he almost perfected ~2011/2012. Come into the game late, control the game and play it at your own pace, and just zing balls all around. Lovely to watch.
ETH said in the post match he brought 'football' to the team. What does that say about the frauds we had on the pitch earlier?
After he's on, the team and the plays just got much better. And a brillant pass for the goal!
I love creative midfielders like him. Composed, calm and creative. Amazing how one player can completely change the way how whole team is playing.
He was good, calm on the ball, always in space.

Quality player, shame his legs can't carry him around for long enough anymore.
We desperately need to sign a composed, calm and intelligent central midfielders like him. I think ETH sees Mainoo being the one but it’s asking a lot of an 18 year old kid who’s been quite injury prone up until now. Think how good our team would look with a young Scholes or Carrick dictating the play… sigh
Let's get him a tuned pacemaker with upgraded batteries which makes him a run a bit more and faster. Brilliant footballer.

To everyone saying "we should have replaced him with a stronger/faster/younger version": This is easier said than done. There are a lot of energetic and powerful players but only few which have his vision and playing intelligence.
Man Utd 0:3 Man City
So obviously not the right type of game to play him in. Baffling how the manager and coaching staff failed to see this.
Hasn't the legs for this.

How the feck can you think him and McT would handle City?

One doesn't track runners the other one doesn't have the legs for it.
Of course he plays 90 mins against the best team in the league which requires more off the ball than on the ball.
Of course
He can't compete physically but I would like to see him in an advanced role with less defensive duties. He is the only player who has the composure, technique and passing ability to play in that role. He created the chance for Rashford with a great ball over the top and put in some decent crosses. Of course, a club our stature shouldn't have to rely on an aging Eriksen but IMO he is our best option in an advanced midfield role if we went to move away from the current chaotic approach.
Had a few decent moments but he's past peak and shouldn't be playing against top clubs.
We can't seem to get it right with him. He starts the games he shouldn't, and is on the bench for the games where we could actually do with him.
It might have worked a bit better if McTominay was part of midfield rather than attacking formation, but eth has a clear idea to play him in attacking midfielder role so here we are.
I really like Eriksen who is so intelligent in football but I equally miss so much Fred. No one talks about Eriksen‘s passings so often failed to get the ball connected and forward. People here just keep saying Fred is so shit in passing.
If you're going to play him against City, I think he should given our options, you have to put him with two other proper CM's. It's basic stuff.
He didn't play 90 minutes.
Yeah you're right

86 mins (tho close to 90 given the first half injury time) and 3-0 down...
Point being this was a mad game to have him start and play until the end
The vast majority of the fan base can see that you play Eriksen against weaker opposition in a forward role.

You don’t play eriksen in a game where we won’t have possession.

Yet ETH continues to do the exact opposite?
We all knew that Eriksen lacked the physicality for games like this. We all knew that we needed to invest in a proper box to box midfielder in the summer.

All we saw today was confirmation of that. City treated him like a training dummy and his use of the ball was, generally, awful.
The vast majority of the fan base can see that you play Eriksen against weaker opposition in a forward role.

You don’t play eriksen in a game where we won’t have possession.

Yet ETH continues to do the exact opposite?


The last couple of games were made for him…. Puts him on the bench

Today obviously the complete opposite…. Starts.

tbf… if casemiro is fit, I don’t think he starts… but just another shining example of why we should have been singing another ball player capable of playing in deep midfield positions….

instead we signed Mount.

the manager is clueless
The only midfielder with an actual brain and understanding of the game in our team and he can only last 45-60 minutes. Sigh
Thought he was our best midfielder (not saying much) and should have got an assist with a lovely ball to Rashford... but really he should have started the last 3 games, not this one.
I thought he was relatively okay-ish, but it wasn't a game that I'd want him to start. If he must start against City, he needs two DMs to play alongside him to help out with the defensive work. Instead, he had Mct in one half! It was doomed to be a disaster.
Fulham 0:1 Man Utd
Poor. Can’t complain when he doesn’t start games
He's meant to be our reliable player in possession, and even he can't keep the ball. Dreadful.
His legs are solid gone, and can be pressured into mistakes far more easily because of it.
He was one of the worst players on the pitch today for both sides. Struggling to remember when he didn't give away or lose the ball. Just awful.
This was bad from Eriksen. He was played out of position, but even that, won´t save him from critisism today. I really like him, but this was a 3/10.
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