Day 9: Cameroon vs Serbia | South Korea vs Ghana | Brazil vs Switzerland | Portugal vs Uruguay

Ronaldo will be fuming. Goal taken off him, then a penalty after he’s been taken off!
It's a bit harsh. Don't think it was deliberate. BUT a pen and Ronaldo not on the field to stat pad
Mental decision. Absolutely no way that’s deliberate.
They need to change the handball back to being intentional and un-intentional handball. Not every handball should be a penalty
Just make players play in straight jackets.
Get Ronaldo back on
The hell is this clown Leao doing queuing up for the pen. Give it to Bruno and feck off
Not convinced that’s a deliberate handball but who knows with that rule nowadays.
Thats not a penalty - the rules are clear about supporting your body on your way down
He stops the ball from which Bruno would have been in on goal from a feint. It's a pen.