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Aug 19, 2016
He has attitude problems. Let the fame get to him and fecked his head up. He thinks he's better than he is and that's the biggest problem with this guy. If he had the right attitude and worked hard enough he would be up there with the better players in the world. He was undoubtedly one of the biggest talents in the world at psv, you could tell by his performance against Milan in the CL qualifiers he was something special. Shame he threw it all away.
He threw nothing away. Yes he is an overrated prima donna but he wasn't ready to play for a big club when he signed for us (still isn't and never will be imo) so he moved to the French league and was allowed to slowly develop his game to his strengths. He wasn't a winger, which I said at the time, and now he is an ok second striker who can produce solid stats. However I still hate the way he plays, hate his annoying face and hate the way he acts like he is superstar. Doubt he ever goes to a big club because quite frankly he is a so so talent.