Do the Glazers really own United?

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    Elvis secretly owns the club
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    If we're getting philosophical, what even is Manchester United? 11 random men being paid for their skill at kicking a piece of plastic? It's all completely meaningless in material terms.

    For me, Manchester United is a story passed on over the years. And it's only the collective belief of the fans in its truth that gives that story force. And in this story, the Glazers are the bad guys who won. And there's the rub - if the fans stop loving the story, the story stops getting told. And that's what's happening.
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    Nonchalantly scoring the winner...
    The Glazers own Utd...

    But do they really own Utd...?

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    Muppet station for next season.
    Given the decreased % of matchday income as a part of our total revenue over the last years, the local (not foreign) and matchgoing fans will have little economical impact if they stop spending or buying season tickets. And if they stop doing this, there are still a large number of foreign fans that would buy these tickets.

    It should also be mentioned that the actual number of fans in the world that spend money on merchandize from the club is far away from the inflated number that the club is touting to potential sponsors.

    Only reasonable suggestions ($$$$ related) are:

    1. Hope that one can unite the fans to completely boycott the club and all the related parties (sponsors), and concequently making potential commercial associations with the brand that is this football club something negative.
    Hint: extremely unlikely.

    2. Wait for the club to continue it's downward spiral until it becomes less valuable and profitable. Will happen under the current ownership over time assuming that the new EPL deal does not offset this.
    Hint: Likely, but will take time.

    3. Saudi Arabia buys the club to use it for sportswashing.
    Hint: If not for a certain accident with a certain Turkey based journo this might have already happened, then again so called ITKs claims that they want to sell the club one week and then states something else the next.
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    *Teleports behind you*
    5. Brendan Rodgers anomaly. Why is He at Leicester?

    6. Phil Jones' face when He stares at the Glazers in the director's box. He can see things We cannot. Gifted lad.

    7. Glazers have multiple copies of themselves to take care of things at the same time. Who keeps track of stock prices, patting Ed Woodward in the back, owning ManUnited and shopping in IKEA all at the same time? They each share ownerships to divide responsibilities.

    8. Anderson saga. I have never seen other player who could only play for 60 minutes. It's like a ritual where you perform good for 60 but then have the rest of your stamina being drained as a payback for Chtulhu.
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    FFS. Never has a club needed three points in the league like United do right now.
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    Truest words spoken in the last 10 days.
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    1. There should be. Or at least a group that represents the interests of fans. This used to be the case with IMUSA circa 94 - 2005.

    2. The so called anti Glazer movement was organised by a large group of United fans from all sections of the support. It was mainly lead by groups such as IMUSA (who were formed a few months after we won the double in 1994 so hardly fickle) and fanzines such as Red Issue.

    They protested against Murdoch in 98 even though it would have given the club untold riches (at the time anyway) and would have seen us dominate more.

    3. Nobody wants to harm the club.
    Thousands walked away (financially) from the club in 2005 because of the Glazer takeover and other numerous United related factors such as high ticket prices and over the top stewarding (which lead to a decline in atmosphere) and a wider disenfranchisement with the modern game.

    4. I agree with this. As said above, groups such as IMUSA and fanzines like Red Issue did it for years. Almost 25,000 protested against the Glazers before the Milan game in 2005. Almost a thousand contributed to get FC United off the ground a few months later.

    Whilst the numbers need to be bigger than those, it does show that people are willing to get involved when there’s a coherent message and lead by a credible voice.

    Rebuilding a proper supporters trust (away from MUST) and getting proper clues up match going reds involved is vital.

    Too much of the current noise around #GlazersOut is lead by people who are having a paddy because we didn’t spend another 300 million this summer rather than protesting about the very soul of the club.
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    Silly thread

    The Glazers own the biggest share percentage. It’s all theirs

    / thread