Eduardo Camavinga / signs for Real Madrid

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Nov 9, 2014
If we are going to target a young CM who will be the heart of our team for the next decade, I would prefer Bellingham tenfold.

Sign Bellingham
We are not going for Bellingham I think he would be another 100m player, next year we will aim for haaland


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Jul 10, 2004
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Him going there has the obvious Madrid pitfalls, but also gives him a one up on so many young midfielders in training with 3 midfielders who have, in their own right, been classed as the best in the world in their own position, or certainly sitting in the most elite bracket.

Camavinga is an eclectic young talent whose final position on the pitch has yet to be determined, but in Casemiro, Modric and Kroos, he can learn near every facet of being top class off them. Retaining, distribution, timing, reading of play, sitting, sweeping up and even when to be aggressive - between the 3 of them, he should mop up like a sponge whilst being an interchangeable replacement for any of them when they need rest/rotation.

I saw Camavinga in his DM season, and he was clearly a very special talent then. I don't know much about his tribulation as a CM, but for sure he has the technical ability to be just fine there with the right coaching and guidance.

I disagree with those thinking he couldn't have helped us this season - our midfield is poor - but at Real Madrid, he's going to have a harder time of getting PT unless he's outstanding in training.

I don't know if he or his handlers have thought about this and still backed him to get into Madrid's team, or whether he's prepared to bide his time there. It's a bold move to be going somewhere as cutthroat as Madrid at such an age... time will tell whether it is a naive thing to do or whether he really is that good that he goes through the shark tank and comes out the other end intact.

Can't begrudge him his move - felt like a long shot he would come to United after the initial flurry of excitement died down and nothing but hope was fuelling his thread.
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