Enzo Le Fée


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Nov 6, 2020
Yorkshire, UK
He plays as a advanced attacker for Lorient and would be someone who would be a alternative to Bruno. In a deeper role I don't believe he has the progression via passing the ball to elevate ten Hag's vertical playstyle in the first phase. Just being good at carrying/dribbling the ball isn't enough in the build up phase.

I'd say Le Fee along with Kudus and Veiga (also linked) are best utilised as attacking midfielders.
Yup, you don't need him. We could do with him in our setup though.


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May 15, 2013
For the quoted £20m fee it's a no-lose punt. You'll basically make that back by selling him on in a year or two if he's not up to scratch. And if he adapts to the pace and physicality of this league then you've got a proper player on your hands that you've picked up for peanuts.
I would agree with you (and normally advocate the same for this type of signing) but we presumably don't have much margin of error this Summer with FFP and potentially the Glazers staying. That £20m could prove vital in getting the deal for a Osimhen, Kane etc. over the line. Having said this, I do think that we could do with a couple of punts and maybe an Eriksen competitor like Enzo is a position in which we can do this. I'd probably want to see better reviews from those who see him regularly though... feels like he may have taken on a bit of hype that isn't quite warranted.


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Jan 18, 2018
No doubt our head of recruitment will press the computer button and come out with Sean Longstaff


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Sep 14, 2018
Want to see @LuckyScout78 run the rule on him first before I commit to this

No offence, Caf.
I don't know him and i haven't seen him before.

He looks really good on the ball. Really high basic ball skills. I definitely will follow him.

But since i haven't seen and watch a full match of him before. I wil not to rush to conclude his football level, as a cm and football player.

But i see. He easily passes players/get away from players. So again. He definitely really good on the ball.

Definitely one to watch out and i will follow him more in the future. But at this moment and right now. Not sure yet. Look similar to Enzo Fernandez from Chelsea and Argentina.