Eric "Ezza" ten Hag signs new contract (until June 2026)


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Aug 4, 2014
Nah, this has been disputed already, many top managers have gone into seasons with a year left and performed very well. This literally happened with Ancelotti at Real last year. Managers at top clubs are typically hardly ever perfectly safe anyway, bar extra-ordinary talent level exceptions like Pep, Klopp.
The situation when a SAF, Carlo, Klopp etc. is involved is a bit different. Those were proven managers who had been there a while, and were/are few of the most successful managers of all time. Here we had a failing manager who finished 8th with a negative GD and only survived because he won the FA cup after a City player made a huge defensive blunder. Players would have known he is on borrowed time. Take Rangnick as an example, the players gave up on him after 45 minutes into his first game and decided to half arse it for the rest of the season. ETH would have been a similar lame duck.
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