Euro 2020/21 prediction game

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Feb 13, 2019
PSV Eindhoven
For the winner I will donate 20 pounds to a charity of his or her choice.

Answer/name these:

1. How far will The Netherlands reach?
2. How far will England reach?
3. How far will Scotland reach?
4. Will Memphis score three or more goals?
5. Will Pukki score one or more goals?
6. Will there be a squad unable to play because of Covid?
7. Does Turkey get trough the group stages?
8. Which number 3’s will be the unlucky losers? 1p for each correct answer
9. Top scorer of the tournament?
10. Player with the most assists of the tournament?
11. Name one player in the team of the tournament
Predict the final. 1p each
12. Amount of streakers in the tournament

In case it’s a draw the tiebreaker:

Amount of goals scored in the tournament.
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