European Super League | 18th April 2021 - 20th April 2021 RIP

Do you want the ESL to happen?

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Dave Smith

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Oct 14, 2019
Anything anti-Dipper
I agree with that in principal, I think. I think i've just gotten used to the idea that PSG and City are going to have first dibs on players basically. We're not exactly far down the list so I can get over that. Their advantage feels a bit unassailable at times and i have more of a problem with that. But thats an issue in most leagues so state backing cant really be blamed. We're as big a part of the problem as city and psg at this point.
Agreed. Although, I would count Real, Barca and Juve as much bigger culprits as they have beggard their national leagues through their tv contracts and are now insisting on a Super League as they have essentially ruined marketability of their own leagues through their own greed.

As for City and PSG the way I look at it is as follows. PSG still haven't won much of note and City have only really kicked on under Pep. For me, if the bigger clubs in England, Italy, France and Germany got their organisational structure and coaching team right they can still beat the likes of City and PSG, especially when they do not have a Pep to hand.

My gripe with the moaning about PSG/City/Chelsea is not so much that I disagree with it. It is that I do not understand what those teams were meant to do to become competitive once football got heavily commercialized/globalised. For me, the options are get on with it, as the established clubs are still going to be top clubs, if not winning their league every year, or go for a real FFP by putting in a hard salary cap so everyone is playing to the same rules/has the same financial opportunities.

What I cannot stand is the hypocrisy of not wanting something like a fixed/hard cap but then crying about City/PSG/Chelsea and setting up the old FFP to keep those clubs the biggest forever. It really is one or the other.

C'est Moi Cantona

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Feb 15, 2014
I understand the argument that those games can get boring over time, but the alternative is to see a Manchester Madrid every ten years. Between that and Basaksehir or a team that is going to be beaten easily, I'll take the former.
Matches that are also irrelevant many times.
Today we could bet and hit at least 4 teams from the next quarters.
Without a doubt it is for money and because Madrid do not want to be a figurant in the success of others (and if that is the case, let's see if we can also be a public limited company and become state clubs).
I understand as well what you say about the promotions. Surely it could be fixed (but don't expect Manchester City to be relegated).
In my head we are not going to play any more Champions League games, so I hope they sanction us to accelerate whatever it takes. A triangle with Barcelona or juve or a world tour of friendlies
I really find that quite shocking if you truly believe this, whilst the poorer for it, the CL could easily go on without Madrid, Barca, and Juve in it, it'd still be fully watchable, whilst an endless 'traingle' of friendlies would be mind numbing, and will hardly accelerate anyone else joining up.

If I was a Madrid fan I'd be hoping we fall in line now, and if you're that way inclined, hope that they plot something more credible next time around.

The Purley King

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Mar 26, 2014
When was the last time Juve were relegated due to not getting enough points?
This could be the second time in recent memory they have done it for other reasons............

non profit football

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Mar 14, 2021
My first comment here on this joke.

The Spanish and Italian clubs, badly managed and with serious financial crises, in leagues that they destroyed themselves decide to invest in a kamikaze tactic that only demonstrates the level of amateurism that reigns in the world of football.

A ridiculous plan that was a clear attack on the Premier League.
And here it is exposed another ridiculous that is to have some of the biggest clubs of the Premier League in the hands of Americans who do not understand anything of this sport and that they don't care about their clubs, they are only there to withdraw money and saw in it an opportunity to withdraw something more, a little faster without fearing further consequences for their clubs.

And Real Madrid is and will be the most hated club in and out of Spain because their entire history is based on these antics.