Gonçalo Inácio

Find me a single Sporting player that fella hasn’t praised to the high heavens
Raphinha. Which I was wrong about because he turned out to be pretty dam good.

Eric Dier. Another player I was not overly fond of.

Marcos Rojo another guy I didn’t think was good enough to be a EPL player.

Adrien Silva who I stated didn’t have the legs for the EPL.

Joao Mario who I did not believe he was worth 40M

Slimani who was not good enough either for the EPL.

So ya….Thats a false statement.
I think Inacio should stay at Sporting one more season before even thinking of a move. Still has room to grow as a footballer and I believe he needs to add more muscle mass especially if he wants to make it in England. Sporting will be fighting for the title again next season and will play in the CL once again which would be huge experience for him.

Now with that being said I understand why ETH would be interested in Inacio. Inacio is a ball playing center back who is very comfortable me with the ball in his feet. He has created constant chances at Sporting due to his long passed and even has some assists to his name. Inacio is comfortable on the right or left side of the defence but he has mainly played as a RCB in Sportings 5-2-3 formation.

This season he should be playing at the LCB position with the signing of St Juste who will be playing on the right.

Sporting will most likely sell Joao Palhinha to Wolves this summer and with the money we are getting from Nuno Mendes who PSG are paying for in July and the guaranteed CL money their is no reason for Sporting to sell.

PROS: Comfortable with the ball in his feet/ball playing CB (see above quotes with video footage in the thread), reads the game well and can play on both sides of the defence comfortably. Reads the game very well

CONS: small frame (this worries me for the
EPL, always looked like a player who would do better in La Liga) sometimes gets caught in behind and lacks concentration at times. Right foot also seems to be a weak point.

He looks good, but I would prefer Ndicka over him any day. In fact I would prefer Ndicka over most defenders. He looks special.
There isn't a single good one? What about the TV channels or something?
The problem is they all quote each other. All of their sources are exactly the same.

Out of the three I prefer Record but the truth is none are really that good.
Going by the vids, which isn't enough I know, he reminds me of that Villarreal CB we've been linked with in the past year.
He needs to stay 1 more year. That would be the smart career decision .
Can't wait for us to buy him for 80m, give him wages of 250k per week and then watch as he loses the ambition to be a top player and rest on his laurels.
Ruben Dias regen

Wanted to say same thing but a lighter version. I've only ever watched YouTube video (I know, I know) but I really like how assured he looks. However I'm concerned with how physically weak he looks and will need a bigger partner. I can only imagine him being an alternative for Martinez where as I'm pretty sure we need an alternative for Varane on right side more urgently.
Would take him genuinely think many players transition from Liga P to the Premier successfully.
I think he's more than good enough to be the starting LCB in the team. He's also versatile and I feel he can be utilised as a wide centre back in a three, LCB in a two and I feel he has the skilset to be a strong option as the inverted fullback as well. A very good player who is technically excellent and has the ability to resist/evade the press at a high level.
Because of our with Sporting when they were an affiliate club to us and the signings we’ve made from them over the years I do look out for their results and often watch highlights of their games, I really like the look of Inacio BUT he’s left footed and I don’t think he’d come to be back up or rotation for Martinez.

I'd love us to move Lindelof and Maguire on then bring one of Diomamde or Antonio Silva and also Inacio in and also Neves from Benfica as a long term replacement for Casemiro but we’ve so many holes in the squad that the likliehood of us bringing in two centre backs is minimal.
This guy is the Portuguese Maguire when it comes to one v ones. Go watch him, in a back three he looks better because he has extra protection but one v one he is suspect!
Antonio Silva looks twice the prospect tbf

Silva or Diomamde would also likely play more often as Martinez is almost certain (injury permitting) to play as first choice left sided centre back whereas Varane’s known fitness record opens up a lot of chances for a right sided centre back.
Who are the better options as LCB than him ?
Facundo Medina I'd say off the top of my head, but it's not so much I know a better option, I've just not been hugely convinced by Inacio when I've watched him as a CB to splash out on.
Pau Torres.

I still think it's odd we didn't buy him (35M for a 26 year old CB who starts for Spain is pretty cheap), as we could have just played him dead center most of the time with Lisandro wided and Shaw tucking in (or Lisandro stepping up like Stones and Shaw sitting back where he's typically excellent, though maybe we don't have the RB for that Walker-esque hybrid spot on the other side). And we'd have a quality backup for Lisandro, though a Maguire-Torres high line would be asking for trouble (though Emery made it work well with Albiol, who is as slow as Maguire these days, though their line wasn't high when they played in the CL, not sure about in the league). Would absolutely have been worth selling Lindelof for 20M to some Serie A side, not paying Jonny Evans and replacing them both with Torres for like 15M in fee difference and a couple million in wages.
I dont think we need a left centre back. Martinez and Shaw should be our first choices there and their ages are good. Its right centre back where we're about to hit a cliff edge age wise. None of them are as dominant in possession as we could use either.