Group of Death (F) - France, Germany, Portugal and Hungary


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Jun 1, 2012
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Great game last night, but I stand by my words.
You have the absolute worst playing style to play against us, Mbappe is gonna have his best game of the tournament against you guys unless we run into Spain later on
Germany has a playing style at the moment? That is news to me. Probably going for 5 man line at the back against France, to close space for Mbappe and the french attacking players.
Has Deschamps changed his approach? Or is he still going in doubt for the cautious approach?
Will probably be a rather cagey encounter, close win for France or a draw is my prediction.
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Nov 6, 2019
Why do Germany and Hungary get to play at home?


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Oct 8, 2011
The reason probably is that this brings you one more player with height especially when they lack height elsewhere for set-pieces - and Germany does not have a designated defensive no. 6 - Kimmich is more a ball distributor and Kroos does not have any good sense for defense...

That was one of the problems in 2018, too. Two offensive fullbacks without a real no. 6 brings you instability and does not really help the offense when you do not have the good pressing organisation and cannot take risk in the offense as you always have to fear when a ball is lost.

Germany 2014 did not really have an offensive setup. The fullbacks were central defenders and the midfield not really a dynamic one.