How good was Duncan Edwards?


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Dec 27, 2013
As time goes by it is obvious that, due to advancement in understanding and medicine, and through a process of being able to learn from our predecessor, that we become physically more efficient.

It seems as if Duncan Edwards was one of the best during his time, but in todays generation he may not have been the best in the world.
Pretty much this.

Likewise I feel like a number of players in this era could look one of the worlds best back then. The game has become incredibly tactical and calculated now that it stifles each others ability to express themselves.

Players are generally fitter and faster now than they used to be. It’s very hard to compare different generations.

red woppit

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Sep 21, 2017
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One of the most noticeable things from players like Edwards and Charlton is their ability to strike the ball hard and accurately with both feet, something that many players in today's game cannot do. Eriksen is one of the few players nowadays who has that ability.


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Jul 6, 2016
No they're not, and your point is way of the mark.

Natural talent is natural talent and the players you mention had it in spades.

With the scientific approach to today's game, plus all the nutrition and analysis these players absolutely would thrive in the modern game.

Of course there were different priorities in the game back then so not all players from that era could translate that to the modern game, but based on what little evidence we have and first hand testimony of his ability, Edwards would have made it to the top in any generation, as would the other players you mentioned.
I didnt say that though. I said if you could pick them as they were from their era to play nowadays they would lose everytime.
I know they were great players, I even said Robbo was my favourite of all time.