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    I wasn't sure if I should start a thread here or not... but here we go. I'm doing a little project where I'm trying to locate all youth products (players born in 85-2000) who have played at least one game in U18 or U23. I'm going to compile an article on the matter, trying to look up what everyone is doing right now, how it went and why. However, I'm also trying to interview as many as possible. So far I have successfully reached a couple of players and they are up for an interview, I haven't gone through all players yet and reached out but I'm on my way. So far I'm going to talk to Aaron Burns, Phil Picken, Ramon Calliste and I have a maybe from Cam Stewart. As I said, trying to reach a couple more as well. And if you have a suggestion on how to reach players without social media, I'm open for suggestions. My question from you is if you guys have some general questions for ex-United youth products that you think would be interesting to know more about and so on, that you think I should ask them.

    This can be a trip down memory lane for us youth followers :)

    Thank you.
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    Great idea @Mickson, good luck, stick at it

    If you can get hold of Charni Ekangamene(FC Eindhoven) ask him if when he was switched to left-back didn't he feel he had more, or less chance of making it to the first-team squad.