Is Gerrard's title win at Rangers any different to Solskjaer's double title win at Molde?


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Jun 30, 2019
in the opposite direction of crowds
For balance, as I genuinely don't know, what has Gerrard's transfer activity been like?

I don't really get why our fans are so keen to put added value into Ole's time in Norway - it doesn't really affect anything to do with United and just seems weird as if we're trying too hard to validate him.
Gerrard has been backed big time by Scottish standards. But they needed it. Still deserves credit as does Solskjaer and any manager attaining success but this idea that he orchestrated some fairytale at Molde is far fetched.

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Aug 5, 2015
Done well, fair play to him. He wasn't an overnight success, he took his time and got his team playing his way. He had a few wobbles as all managers do. He publicly at one point questioned his own future after a defeat to Hearts I think it was in a cup game. That was inexperience at that stage. I like how his team did well in europe as well, so kudos to him. He's a few players getting up there in age, players like Davis, McGregor - these are major influences in that team. He has Defoe as well but he's a squad player at this stage. Thing about managing old firm, fans will want the same, actually even more next season, maybe want is wrong choice, they will demand it. From what i am reading it seems he is likely to stay at Rangers, if Celtic get a decent manager next season, could be interesting, as whoever he is will have the same level of expectation from his fans as Gerrard does from his.