It's not the manager, it's the players

Discussion in 'Manchester United Forum' started by haram, Apr 3, 2019.

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    Sky1981 Fending off the urge

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    The problem is visible, and if it walks talks quacks like a duck, probably it is a duck.

    Blaming the CEO, the structure, the DNA, the phylosophy etc are the real cop out. The truth for me is simple, you can lose a game, you be outclassed outgunned and outscored, but if you're limping yourself on the field and feels too lazy to run for the full 90s then that's on the player.
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    Nytram Shakes Full Member

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    I don't disagree with you that the club is run by "grubbing muppets who have given power to the players". We all know that, but that doesnt change what I said from been correct. The glazers are going nowhere, Woodward is going nowhere. We can't seel 25 players in one summer.

    So our only hope is we bring in a manager (and hopefully a director of football) who can start changing attitudes and see over revamp of the squad.

    Do we trust Ole, whose only history of big transfers was Cardiff which was a car crash? Who will be working the woodward who is one of those "grubbing muppets who have given power to the players".

    The simple answer is its not Just the manager, its not Just the players, it's currently the whole club!
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    Enigma_87 You know who

    Aug 7, 2008
    It's also Woodward.
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    Harry190 Full Member

    Apr 18, 2010
    I agree with Souness when he says it's a new thing in football. Players that don't care. It really did not happen before, as in, it was not systematic.

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    Carragher's got a great point there. The departures are probably more important than the arrivals.
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    Pavl3n Full Member

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    It does sound ridiculous. And when Jose was in charge when we win it's the players and when we lose it's the manager.

    Our performances are revealing that it wasn't Jose's fault all the way.
    The clearest indication, in my opinion, was the away game to Barcelona. We started with a spark, we had chances, we pressed them high and didn't really give them much freedom. All until 2 individual mistakes cost us the tie.

    Jose was very critical of the players - we thought it's his toxic nature. After Ole's comments post Everton I understand better what went wrong with Mourinho. It's just the Portuguese didn't word himself better.

    Now it's clear there are players who couldn't be bothered. Jose never took ownership of the club the way Ole would and that's what makes the difference. I really hope the board gives Ole enough time to unplug the weeds out and install a winners' mentality through the ranks.
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    haram New Member

    May 28, 2017
    He is the biggest problem.
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    Foxbatt Full Member

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    Of course it's the players too. If they can't be arsed or passes to the opposing team we are bound to lose.
    I agree that we need a player on the pitch who will give all. Also have an almighty go at Pogba or anyone else that fecks up.
    Players like Rashford, Lingard think too much of themselves.
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    flappyjay Full Member

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    We played a Mourinho midfield of Fred, Matic and Pogba and it got dismantled by Everton. The managers have a part in this too. Ed plays are part in crazy wages and transfer fees. But the managers still buy these players. You can't deny that Matic was a Jose signing