Last Man Standing 3 2019/20 | 312 competitors, down to 166. Entry closed.


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Mar 4, 2010

  • Select one team to win from the Premier League fixtures (if you can't post, PM me your entry).
  • If they win or draw, you are through to the next round. If they lose, you are eliminated.
  • You cannot pick the same team twice unless you have already picked every team (as we are in the second half of the season, you won't be able to pick another team unless there's a dreaded scenario in which this runs into next season (pls no)).
  • You can pick as many weeks in advance as you like.
  • If you fail to pick a team, then the team with the highest league standing from the previous season which you have not yet picked will be automatically chosen for you.
  • If you miss three weeks of fixtures, then you are eliminated. Autopicks will be highlighted yellow in this spreadsheet
  • If in the final round, all remaining players are eliminated, then nobody wins Last Man Standing and those players get the tagline "Last Man Standing finalist 2019/20". If one person wins then they alone will get the tagline "Last Man Standing champion 2019/20".
  • No new entrants will be allowed for the second set of fixtures. If you don't enter this before 21st January at 7:30pm, you are out of luck until the next LMS competition starts.
NOTE: If you change your mind on a pick, make a new post and tag Damien.

Previous Last Man Standing Competitions

Spreadsheet to keep track of your predictions
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Mar 4, 2010
Week 24
21/01/2020 19:30 Bournemouth v Brighton
21/01/2020 19:30 Aston Villa v Watford
21/01/2020 19:30 Everton v Newcastle
21/01/2020 19:30 Sheffield Utd v Man City
21/01/2020 19:30 Crystal Palace v Southampton
21/01/2020 20:15 Chelsea v Arsenal
22/01/2020 19:30 Leicester v West Ham
22/01/2020 19:30 Tottenham v Norwich City
22/01/2020 20:15 Man Utd v Burnley
23/01/2020 20:00 Wolves v Liverpool

Week 25
01/02/2020 12:30 Leicester v Chelsea
01/02/2020 15:00 Bournemouth v Aston Villa
01/02/2020 15:00 Crystal Palace v Sheffield Utd
01/02/2020 15:00 Liverpool v Southampton
01/02/2020 15:00 Newcastle v Norwich City
01/02/2020 15:00 Watford v Everton
01/02/2020 15:00 West Ham v Brighton
01/02/2020 17:30 Man Utd v Wolves
02/02/2020 14:00 Burnley v Arsenal
02/02/2020 14:00 Tottenham v Man City
Week 26
08/02/2020 12:30 Everton v Crystal Palace
08/02/2020 17:30 Brighton v Watford
09/02/2020 14:00 Sheffield Utd v Bournemouth
09/02/2020 16:30 Man City v West Ham
14/02/2020 20:00 Wolves v Leicester
15/02/2020 12:30 Southampton v Burnley
15/02/2020 27:30 Norwich City v Liverpool
16/02/2020 14:00 Aston Villa v Tottenham
16/02/2020 16:30 Arsenal v Newcastle
17/02/2020 20:00 Chelsea v Man Utd

Week 27
22/02/2020 12:30 Chelsea v Tottenham
22/02/2020 15:00 Burnley v Bournemouth
22/02/2020 15:00 Crystal Palace v Newcastle
22/02/2020 15:00 Sheffield Utd v Brighton
22/02/2020 15:00 Southampton v Aston Villa
22/02/2020 17:30 Leicester v Man City
23/02/2020 14:00 Man Utd v Watford
23/02/2020 14:00 Wolves v Norwich City
23/02/2020 16:30 Arsenal v Everton
24/02/2020 20:00 Liverpool v West Ham
Week 28
28/02/2020 20:00 Norwich City v Leicester
29/02/2020 12:30 Brighton v Crystal Palace
29/02/2020 15:00 Bournemouth v Chelsea
29/02/2020 15:00 Aston Villa v Sheffield Utd
29/02/2020 15:00 Newcastle v Burnley
29/02/2020 15:00 West Ham v Southampton
29/02/2020 17:30 Watford v Liverpool
01/03/2020 14:00 Everton v Man Utd
01/03/2020 14:00 Man City v Arsenal
01/03/2020 14:00 Tottenham v Wolves
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Mar 4, 2010
Just to make it clear: this starts in midweek so there's hopefully enough time for enough people to sign up as well as enough time for the competition to finish. The predictions you make initially will be for the fixtures above, and not the fixtures for Week 23.

Last Man Standing 2 is still ongoing. I'll add more fixtures to the above post later.

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