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Oct 22, 2017
I think we are entitled to expect more from Maguire considering he cost more than Van Dijk. Has Maguire been solid for us, yes at times but that is the very least you expect from a Manchester United center half. You expect more from a player that cost 80m and a player who was made club captain half way through his first season. We should be seeing Stam/Vidic/Rio levels of performances from Harry and we are not seeing that yet. I think we need to sign a quick aggressive center half in the summer to complement Harry, Ake for me would be a good partner for him.
We did overpay for him by about 20 million but that’s today’s market. You have to pay obscene amounts for good not great players. Pepe for Arsenal cost 75m and he has a wooden right leg. The main thing is we got the player and he’s an upgrade to what we had.
Everyone expects more from pogba for 90m yet his market value has probably gone up. Stam/rio/vidic would cost a lot more than maguire today and Van dijk.
I agree, we definitely need another top quality center back with pace for the right center back position, but there aren’t many stand outs.