Man City's twitter suspended for trying to buy followers.


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Dec 12, 2015
Man City
Did you see the definition?

“This tool defines ‘fake followers’ as accounts that are unreachable because they’re spam, bots, and propaganda, or because they’re no longer active on Twitter, while an audit is a random sample of 2,000 accounts looked at with 25+ factor correlated with spam/bot/low quality activity.”

Obvs we’ll have a lot more followers that are inactive, because we have a lot more followers. Also these check websites tend to look at location, and we’ll have a lot of Indian fans and Middle Eastern fans, which is also where fake follower accounts come from.

But anyway, can’t believe you took the time to find that article to counter :lol:
I mean a whole second of google... so much time wasted. Probably less than it took you to read and write the reply.


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Jan 8, 2015
Shitty small club who are just a sportwashing tool for murderous, tyrannous cnuts. I wish I was joking but thats just the truth. :lol: