Manchester United 4:1 Melbourne Defeat (Fri 15th July, 11:05 UK time)

Second half team I think have played the system better.
Yea. I think it's because the midfielders have shown better technical ability on the ball. Zidane and Savage are already miles better technically than McT.

Zidane looks like he needs to expand his passing range more as he is playing it short most of the time but Savage has been pinging some impressive crossfield passes.
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Savage and zidane look quality! First team bound next season..: give them some Europa and league cup games.
Think that does a discredit to Anelka who was at least consistently good for a period.

he is more like Mario Balotelli. Capable of rare moments of genius between being consistently injured or shit

Yeah, Anelka had some 20 goal seasons despite being a perpetual shit head.
Our pressing has been very co-ordinated in both games, encouraging signs.
Sometimes playing with better players makes passing easier. Better movement ahead of you opens up opportunities that are not present at a lower level. Against that playing against better defenders means less time on the ball to play the pass.
A very good point.
Zidane and Savage are going to fill that Greenwood shaped hole in my soul very nicely.
I've seen us play better, seen us play worse. Doesn't really matter, it's pre-season.