Manchester United vs Liverpool (Tue 12th July, 14:00 UK time) | BANGKOK CENTURY CUP CHAMPIONS


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Oct 31, 2012
Was there this many celebrations when Liverpool were here?


Poster of Noncense.
Feb 2, 2021
I couldn't care less about the match. Forget the match.

Some of you have it in you to believe in Dalot, and Varanes fitness, and a set of completely sub standard midfielders. Some of you think rashford and martial might start banging them in. Good luck to. But I don't. I've seen these players fail week in week out for years and it being a sunny day with no games played in the league doesn't change how poor many of them are. Im not going to pretend to be excited by these players because some posters let a strangers opinion ruin their day
I remember at the start of last season I insisted that if we rely on Martial going into the season its going to end up in tears because he's just not good enough. You gave me a lot of grief about that, mostly citing how Martial had banged in 17 goals the season before. You've certainly changed your opinion now, which you're rightly entitled to do so. Nevertheless i'm just feeling smug and taking some satisfaction in saying "I told you so" :smirk: