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Aug 9, 2018
Loved the picture of him coming off for Shoretire. Hearing the interview with Greenwood during the week, and you realise how much of a role model and an inspiration Rashford must be to those youth academy kids.

He's such a brilliant player, I don't like to compare his numbers to wingers of old, because Nani etc. had very different roles 10 years ago. To me, his influence right now is very comparable to Rooney/Tevez from 07-09, providing, goals assists and a general attacking intent, without being the main man.

The problem is not Rashford, the problem is we're missing that predator in Ronaldo who was racking up insane numbers, and had an insatiable desire to score goals. Find that elite forward to hit near the 30 goal bracket and we'd be talking about a deadly front 4 with Rashford, Greenwood and Bruno supporting.

Mr Smith

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Oct 4, 2015
See personally I don’t agree with this. Maybe he personally looks better on the left as he cuts in more and shoots more but Look at all the countless times moves fell apart at him yesterday because he wouldn’t pass, or just stopped in his tracks to face someone up. Or drive inside looking for the shot when he had better options.

I still think he was the best player of the front 4 yesterday and it’s a great goal if not a little lucky due to horrendous keeping. But to me I look at all that and how he plays on the right and the team just seems to work better as a collective unit with him out on the right.

I’d rather the team work well and perform as a unit than him have a moment on the left because to me it’s a double edged sword when he’s there. He maybe looks good but the team doesn’t perform as well.

Delighted that he does seem to be coming back in to some sort of form mind and the drag to get the penalty was fantastic.
I personally think what you're describing is more of a coaching problem than a Rashford problem. Every time he stops on the ball, it makes me feel like he has no direction/instruction about what to do in the final third, and is making it up as he goes along. Now you might say that shows a lack of imagination on Rashford's part (I wouldn't entirely disagree) but it also points at a worrying lack of a collective idea of how to play in attack.