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    I've been having this idea for quite a while, basically i'm thinking about having a forum game in which we will have :

    8 Contestant in a knockout phase (4 Quarter final match, 2 Semi Final Match, 1 Final Match)
    • Each contestant much choose a movie based on the given theme (e.g 90s movie, Horror Movie, 80s, arthouse, noir, etc)
    • Each contestant must write a review of why their chosen movie should win (kinda like the football draft game), convince the jury what aspect to look at (e.g. authenticity, the depth of characters, great acting, atmosphere, etc)
    • Each Contestant must submit a new movie if they win the knock out (3 movie maximum per participant if they made it to the final)
    3 Jury
    • The jury will watch each movie presented by the contestant and decide which one they like best, 2 Vote necessary for a contestant to win the round therefore no draw is possible
    • The Jury must not have not watched the movie before, they should let the contestant know in advance if they have seen the movie, or having preference or bias over a particular movie (e.g. if the Jury has a strong dislike for Martin Scorsese film then he should let the participant know. The participant can choose to change the jury perception or change to other movie)
    • The jury must write their own reason for selecting the winner instead of just "I like A better"
    The Game
    • The game probably will be a 4-6 week long depending on how fast the Jury watching the 2 movies in each round. I'm thinking like 2 Weeks time for QF, 1 Week for SF, and 1 Week for Final
    • It'll be in a knock out system, with random draws between 8 contestants
    • The contestant must submit their movie of choices prior each round. This is to make sure that the jury have not watched any of the movies participating
    • The jury will submit their vote along with their reasons to the moderator, and the mods will announce it at the deadline time.
    Possible Plot Twist
    • The contestant can ask the jury 5 random question (nothing specific) to find out as much as possible about their taste (expecting a lengthy answer instead of a simple binary question)
    • At the end of the day there could be a possible "Fans Favorite" contestant's movie, where they're given a second chance to compete with the losing finalist for a 3rd place winner
    • Should the jury vote is unanimous (only moderator know) or open (the participant can see which jury vote which movie)?
    • Whether The jury is allowed to communicate in Private via PM to discuss which contestant should win?
    I hope some fellow movie lovers in the caf are willing to participate on this game, it's still an early concept but I think this could be fun. We have lots of movie lovers and themes to play around. If anyone interested to become Jury or Participant feel free to enlist.

    PS: If you have any suggestion on the format, additional twist, or questions feel free.
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    oh my god the drafts are invading the entertainment forum