Negative Threads


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Oct 26, 2004
Looking down the page of this forum and struck me of the number of negative threads:

Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)
Should we be worried about Rashford?
I don't like the way Bruno takes penalties
Is it time to burst “Rashy’s” bubble?
Maybe Lindelof isn’t the problem...
There’s a feeling of inevitability about Ole losing his job
Should we consider selling Pogba?
Should we consider selling Harry Maguire?

...and others.

It almost feels like the end of the world on this forum. Chill. Do some Yoga or drink some whiskey. Its only a blip. Stop reading the utter, utter gutter press! We had extreme lows and highs last season as well and yet we fininshed third and reached three semi-final. We may not have bought well or what our manager needed during the transfer window but we still got De Beek who looks really good and Telles. And we've also got what looks like good potential in Pellistri and possibly very good potential in Diallo who should arrive in January. This is all better than what we had last year and the season ahead looks full of promise.

I know losing to Spurs looks really bad (and it is BAD!), but in this extraordinary year we had vertually no pre-season so United players are not up to speed with other teams and remember the champions (let me wash out my mouth!), Liverpool lost by 7 which frankly is much, much worse as they had a longer summer break and the best defence and attack!