Ole, Giggs, Keane and a team of analysts


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Nov 2, 2019
Andrew Meredith
Formerly Director of Performance Analysis and Innovation Architect at 2.Bundesliga club FC St. Pauli (2013-2019). FC St. Pauli was struggling in 2.Bundesliga, usually on the bottom half, throughout his St. Pauli years. Before St.Pauli he was a Field Hockey Coach. (Might be brilliant, but not impressed by his CV.)


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Jun 6, 2013
The original Athletic article is really interesting, if a bit of a PR piece.

It sounds like the work Ole is doing with the club is from top to bottom, really impressive stuff.

We've heard it before with previous managers but these are tangible examples, referencing actual appointments and new roles etc. Not just 'David Moyes has bought 50 iPads' or 'Van Gaal has planted some trees at Carrington'


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Dec 21, 2020
The old guard are back in town and Ole is making all the right changes and bringing in all the right back room staff to help the team get to where they need to be. Great news if you ask me!

REVEALED: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has brought in Manchester United legends Roy Keane and Ryan Giggs for talks with squad - plus a new team of analysts - to transform his team and move joint-top of the Premier League
OGS has a personality that will ensure long-term success and this exemplifies why. He is the complete opposite of Mourinho, who is the perfect example of a short-term success manager. If you have followed these two men, you may have noticed how Mourinho always attracts attention towards himself. He has created a persona as "the special one". In addition, he is a sore loser, throwing players under the bus in public, criticising referees, other teams- the main pattern is that it is always somebody else's fault when things go wrong. This is narcissistic, charismatic leadership. It can work in the short run, but it eventually turns to shit. It creates division and bad blood in the player group, as some players will be favored and others not, simply due to cult of personality. Critisism will not be tolerated, even internally. The moodiness will be contagious, create uncertainty and people turn on each other. A coach is a behavioural model for the players, and if the behaviour signals that it is ok to sacrifice individual players due to isolated faults, it creates a climate and culture for destructive critique. Thus, long term, such coaches are toxic. In the management research literature, one study showed that the long term success of a leader correlated negatively with the number of times he says "I".

OGS on the other hand shows very little ego. He doesn't boast about himself, he doesn't critique players in public and he is not moody. While he is not the charismatic leader who inspires through personality, he is a long term team builder. This last news shows that he is willing to get assistance where he himself may be lacking. I fully believe that OGS will bring back Man Utd to the top given enough time.