Our work ethic out of possession


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Jul 16, 2015
And in possession for that matter? (a nod to the static, slow motion, zombie passing thread)

I could have bumped the work rate thread, but it's so old now.

Although not disciplined, Bruno works hard out of possession. So it may not be that effective, but he's not a lazy player. Antony seems to me to work hard out of possession too. Is there anyone else?

And who are the laziest players? Some players I genuinely like, like AWB seem to lackadaisical when tracking back, and he's a full back.

I guess Mount was partially bought to mitigate the overall laziness of the team..

When people complain about Antony starting I always think his work out of possession (and his ability to hold the ball under pressure) is why he starts and no one else gets a look in).