Pogba injury | March 18: Training with Lindelof, wearing a Juventus shirt

Cardboard elk

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Jan 9, 2019
I don't think this is a big issue, however I do think Pog is a bit off when it comes to understanding what the fans wants. They want signals on and off the pitch that he loves the club and gives back to them. Pog does not get that imo.

If he weared a Pool shirt though, that would have been a real killer :nervous:

Now, back to corona virus :lol:

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Oct 12, 2017
Why are people so worried, when its this guy and his tool of an agent that need to be the ones worried. As do people on this site forget we have him under contract to 2021 with the bonus of adding another year, now I can hear the wails of "what are they talking about"

Pogba is entering peak years, next year Euros, the year we can extend leads to WC, see where its going, hardly think DD will take a player who is not playing regularly and if him or his dickhead of an agent wanna play hard ball, stick him on the bench and give him a 2 min runaround at the end just to keep within Fifa rules regarding the game time given to players, as now after this poxy virus is the time to take back some of the power given to agents/players thanks to bosman.