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Fulham 1:2 Manchester United

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Sun, 13 November 2022

Lucky McLuckerson

The saviour of our season (ask Maradona10)
Nov 5, 2016
Fulham 0:1 Man Utd - Eriksen (14')

Fulham 1:1 Man Utd - James (61')

Fulham 1:2 Man Utd - Garnacho (90' + 3)
Another shit away performance, but I'll take the victory.

Let's regroup and WE GO AGAIN
Deserved win, crossing merchants aka Fulham deserved nothing there. Should have been 1:4 or something. Good win before break.
Great win. Garnacho saved us from once again getting Reamed by inferior opponents
What an incredible finish that was. Garnacho you beauty!!
World cup coming at the right time. We look knackered.
Garnacho has a real x factor, hope we tie him down to a long term contract soon
Get in. What a goal at the end.

Would have been sick to go to the World Cup with 2 bad results in the league in a row. This feels great.

We are still very poor in possession and it’s disappointing to see players like Eriksen, Casemiro and Bruno give it away time and again. Particularly Eriksen (although he did get the goal and the assist).
Underserved but we'll take it. We've played a lot better than today and lost. More important to get the 3 points.
our performances have really gone backwards in recent weeks but I had a feeling a late goal would happen
Super finish. Never give up! On a separate note, boy do we need another right-back.
Feels like Ole just without the feel good factor. Hopefully Ten Hag isn't just masking the mediocrity and the team will move forward and take games by the scruff of the neck.
A steal for sure but I'll take it.
Won't call this a steal. We should have put the game to bed before their first goal, but we were poor after the first round of subs.
Second half was poor. Please no more Bruno on the right, he was my MOTM in the middle but McTominay sub killed the game. Good win, Garnacho is special.
We can't keep missing chances. Simple as that. Should've been 3 clear at half time.

Sub again was awful, Bruno is marginalised on the right and we completely lost momentum.

Garnacho needs to be getting more a d more minutes after the break.
Fergie time winner!! Not a great performance but I'll take it. De Gea MOTM.
Very lucky. What a contribution at the end from Garnacho. There was a period in the 2nd half where it was all Fulham though, quite worrying

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  • 14% Fulham 1:3 Man Utd
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  • 3% Fulham 2:3 Man Utd
  • 3% Fulham 1:4 Man Utd
  • 2% Fulham 2:2 Man Utd
  • 2% Fulham 2:1 Man Utd
  • 2% Fulham 0:4 Man Utd
  • 2% Fulham 2:0 Man Utd
  • 1% Fulham 0:0 Man Utd
  • 1% Fulham 1:0 Man Utd
  • 1% Fulham 2:4 Man Utd
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