EL W Europa League Round of 16 2nd Leg

Real Betis 0:1 Manchester United

Post-match discussion

Thu, 16 March 2023


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Nov 8, 2018
As away-legs go with 4-1 lead, it wasn't a bad match. We didn't really want to break sweat unless we had too and they were hoping for an early first goal to give them and the crowd a lift.
It became 'end to end' stuff for a while until slowly their hopes began to dissipate as the game wore on, and we sailed through the later stages.
Good day at the Office, Pellistri caught the eye on his first full team outing, Maguire looked a lot better than of late, Casemiro and Bruno kept away from yellow cards and Martinez, did what he does.
Bring on Seville in April


loves to hate United.
Oct 8, 2014
Not really sure why the dumb BT sport commentator kept saying Betis could have won/been ahead on the night. Yes they missed that earlier chance but DDG was never really asked to make a big top-class save, while Bravo was. Yes, we were disjointed in the first half but never exactly pinned in. Final 40 minutes we were in control.

Yes there could have been better performances from some and Rashford continues to miss decent half-chances but his goal was an astonishing strike. Pellestri was MoM for me although Martinez was excellent again. Maguire had a good second half and Lindelof looked assured when he came on. Keeping Casemiro on was a bit of a gamble but ETH does seem to go with his strongest side when he can.

Sevilla will be a huge test in the quarters but it was fun to get up and find Arsenal had gone!


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Aug 4, 2022
@Real Name

What stings most for you? Crashing out in the first round or in the semi final or worse the final?

I am quite disappointed Utd didn’t win the Europa league at least 3 times in all the seasons we were in it the last decade. In theory we should be above Europe’s “second division” so not winning it hurts me each season. I am someone who holds each Uefa competition in high regard because not often wins a European prize.
I hope that makes sense.

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