Pre Premier League Draft - Semi Finals - Gio vs. Mjj

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Who would win in the following draft game with all players at their peak?

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  1. Team Gio

  2. Team MJJ

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    This is a Pre Premier League draft from 1971/72 to 1991/92 where managers assemble their squads by selecting players based on their playing performance during this time period only. Performances that fall outside this time period should not be considered. Neither should the players performance for their country/international tournaments be considered. As in any team, team tactics and balance also play a part.

    Hence please carefully consider the abovesaid factors and evaluate the merits of both teams before voting for the team which in your opinion is likelier to win the match.

    Team Gio



    Team MJJ


    Tactics Team Gio

    • Too much attacking power. It's a forward line that can make the difference against MJJ's defence. To me the Dalglish/Hughes combo will test Burns and Beattie to the limit, Lennox will burst between Nicol and Burns to capitalise on his immense goal threat, while Waddle's trickery should trouble the hard-tackling if somewhat rash Pearce. Collectively there is a range of attacking weaponry - width, invention, incision, pace, strength, aerial ability - there that will be hard to defend against.

    • The move to 4-2-3-1 is about getting the best out of Kenny Dalglish and Glenn Hoddle. Dalglish drops into the hole where he was almost undefendable for Celtic and Liverpool. Hoddle meanwhile is in the same right central midfield role he shone so brightly with at Monaco and Spurs, with runners and creative options aplenty ahead to unleash his passing ability upon. Stopping one of them might be possible, but both is unlikely.

    • The team benefits from a serious core of leadership of the greatest ever 'Ger John Greig, the serial winner Richard Gough, the all-conquering-captain-at-23 Kevin Ratcliffe and Leeds United captain and legend Billy Bremner. The influence that central core will have on the rest of the team and the outcome of the game cannot be underestimated. Up top the Dalglish and Hughes pairing both shone when the pressure was greatest, delivering the goods in major European finals time after time.

    • Defenders who can nullify MJJ's forward line: Gough's dynamism and combativeness squares up welll to Keegan's bustling game; Greig can pull in tight to keep tabs on Bell and beef up the central midfield area, while Anderson should be able to handle Armstrong. And Ratcliffe is always on hand to mop up with his searing speed and razor-sharp reading of the game.
    Andy Goram
    Scotland's greatest ever keeper and a legend at both Hibs and Rangers. In February 1990, World Soccer magazine stated that he had been in 'outstanding form during the last 3 years'. And in 1991 he became Britain's most expensive ever goalkeeper when signing for Rangers for £1.8m, going on to keep 25 clean sheets during his debut double-winning season. Exceptional shot-stopper with razor-sharp reflexes.

    Richard Gough
    Athletic and imposing, Gough was a classic attack-the-first ball centre half. His dynamism, professionalism and leadership were the bedrock behind Rangers' 9-in-a-row side during a career when he hauled in 21 trophies. Not just an SPL flat-track bully, as he twice almost won the European Cup, first with Dundee United in 1984/85 when they were edged out by Roma in a contentious semi, and second with Rangers as they were a goal away from knocking out Marseille in 1992/93. Given both clubs' form with referees and bribery at the time, he's rather unfortunate not to add a European Cup medal to that collection. Exceptional man-marker, famously shackled Van Basten at Euro '92, who also shone brightly at Spurs making the all-time XIs of the players that each of Graeme Souness, Glenn Hoddle and Gary Mabbutt have played with. Read more...

    Kevin Ratcliffe
    Captain of Everton at just 23, then the best team in the country, Ratcliffe's defensive prowess made a huge difference in catapulting Everton to the top of the table. His searing pace and reading of the game made him a perfect partner to the more conventional stopper Mountfield. He is a regular in Wales and Everton all-time XIs. Read more...
    • English First Division Winner 1984/85 and 1986/87
    • European Cup Winners Cup 1984/85
    • FA Cup Winner 1984
    • PFA Team of the Year 1984/85
    Viv Anderson
    One of the finest right-backs England has ever produced. A bedrock of Clough's great double European Cup winning Forest team, Anderson won 96% of the vote when fans voted the right-back into their greatest ever XI. Outstanding for Arsenal as well where fans who know their stuff will also rank him as their greatest ever right-back (unless you want to insert George's back 4 unit in en masse). Gangly, dynamic, defensively solid and a keen ball-carrier, Anderson was a modern yet robust full-back.
    • Notts Forest All-Time XI
    • European Cup Winner 1979, 1980
    • English First Division Winner 1977/78
    • PFA Team of the Year 1978, 1980 and 1987
    John Greig
    Voted Rangers' Greatest Ever Player, Greig was a born leader, a one-club man whose statue stands outside Ibrox today and remains the only man to have won the treble three times. A combative, commanding and energetic midfielder whose intelligence and understanding of the game enabled him to slip seamlessly across the back line as the needs of his club demanded. Here he moves into the left-back role where he won his Scottish Player of the Year award as he captained his side to the treble in 1976.
    • SFWA Footballer of the Year 1975/76
    • European Cup Winners Cup Winner 1971/72
    • Multiple domestic titles and trophies (including 3 trebles)
    Billy Bremner
    '10 stone of barbed wire', Bremner was the driving force behind the great Leeds team of the early-to-mid 1970s. Hard as nails, but an exceptional all-round player who dominated midfields at all levels as regularly as anyone in the pool.
    • Division One Winner 1973/74
    • FA Cup Winner 1972
    • European Cup Runner-Up 1974/75
    • PFA Team of the Season 1973/74
    • Leeds United Greatest Ever Player
    • FWA Footballer of the Year 1970
    Glenn Hoddle
    One of the most gifted English players of all time. Technically exquisite, Hoddle's two-footedness and eyes-in-the-back-of-his-head vision allowed him to play early and penetrating passes before defences had time to react. Despite operating in the era of English football least conducive to enabling creative players, Hoddle was a sustained success, an almost ever-present in the PFA Team of the Year through the 1980s.
    • UEFA Cup winner: 1984
    • FA Cup winner: 1981, 1982
    • PFA Young Player of the Year: 1979–80
    • PFA Second Division Team of the Year: 1977–78
    • PFA First Division Team of the Year: 1979–80, 1981–82, 1983–84, 1985–86, 1986–87
    • PFA Team of the Century
    Bobby Lennox
    Celtic's greatest ever left winger. Heavy duty goalscorer from out wide scoring a whopping 234 goals during Celtic's 9-in-a-row stretch. Lennox was 27 at the start of the draft period where his record holds up well:

    1971/72 - 44 games, 19 goals
    1972/73 - 29 games, 17 goals
    1973/74 - 32 games, 27 goals
    1974/75 - 19 games, 8 goals
    1975/76 - 36 games, 14 goals

    That would be an impressive enough return for a centre-forward, better still for a left winger. Incidentally it's no surprise that the season Celtic's run came to an end was the same season that Lennox was missing for large parts through injury. Lennox aged better than a lot of the Lisbon Lion generation, retaining his searing pace into his early 30s owing much to both his genetic gifts and his professional attitude off the park. He was the last of that great team to retire in 1980, having scored a further 15 goals in his final campaign.

    Chris Waddle
    Dribbling king whose close control, invention and goal threat made him a handful for even the best opposition. Although he hit double figures 5 times out of 6 from 1983 to 1989, it was his shuffling, shimmying and almost undefendable dribbling style that stood him out from the crowd. His form in England prompted Marseille to make him the 3rd most expensive player of all time (behind Maradona and Gullit) in 1989.
    • PFA Team of the Year 1984/85 and 1988/89
    • Spurs Player of the Year 1988
    Kenny Dalglish
    Liverpool and Scotland's greatest ever player. Dalglish was the complete attacker: scorer of a whopping 336 goals, two-footed, sensational at linking up play and holding the ball up.
    • 10 league titles
    • 10 domestic cups (FA/League)
    • 3 European Cups
    • Ballon d'Or: Runner-up 1983
    • FWA Footballer of the Year: 1978–79, 1982–83
    • PFA Players' Player of the Year: 1982–83
    • IOC European Footballer of the Season: 1977–78
    Mark Hughes
    Warrior centre-forward who made a career out of bullying centre-halves. Worked off limited service at times during the 1980s for United, but still regularly impacted games securing two Player of the Year awards. Perhaps the best volleyer of a ball the British game has seen.
    • PFA Player of the Year 1988/89, 1990/91
    • PFA Young Player of the Year 1984/85
    • European Cup Winners Cup Winner 1991
    • European Super Cup Winner 1991
    • FA Cup and League Cup Winner 1985, 1990, 1992
    Tactics Team MJJ

    Joe Corrigan- England's third best goal keeper in the 70s, behind shilton and clemence.
    • Manchester City Player of the Year: 1976, 1978, 1980
    Stuart Pearce- One of England’s greatest defenders; a tough-tackling, no-nonsense full-back with a terrific left foot which helped him register 87 career goals.
    Kevin Beattie- One of the the most complete footballer ever, he had everything that a player could hope to have in pace,strength,tackling ability,great in the air,powerful shot. Injuries cut his international career short otherwise would have enjoyed a much greater reputation.

    Made his England debut at 19.
    Kenny Burns- Winning player of the year based on his defensive performances for Forest and a crucial part of the side which dominated Europe in the late 1980s.
    • Nottingham Forest Player of the Year: 1977–78, 1980–81
    • FWA Footballer of the Year: 1977–78
    Steve Nicol- One of the most versatile and ambidextrous players ever. Nicol was a great defender, but also a superb attacking player. He was quite adept at taking on defenders and an accurate crosser of the ball.
    • Won the player of the year award in 1988/89.
    Graeme Souness- Legendary box to box midfielder and a key component of the liverpool side that dominated europe.
    • European Cup Golden Boot: 1980–81 (6 goals)
    • PFA First Division Team of the Year: 1980–81, 1981–82, 1982–83, 1983–84
    • PFA Team of the Century (1977–96): 2007
    Ray Wilkins- The king of cockney, captained chelsea at the young age of 19. A superbly talented central midfielder with excellent vision, ball retention and passing skills.
    • Chelsea Player of the Year: 1976, 1977
    • English Football Hall of Fame: 2013
    Colin Bell- Nicknamed Nijinsky(racing horse) for his superb stamina. One of englands greatest all round midfielders, Bell had it all. Superb vision, first touch and the art of controlling the game. Playing in his favourite RCM position.
    Paul Gascoigne- Gazza is widely regarded as one of the most gifted British footballers ever. At his best he was a compelling to watch with his sublime skill, improvisation and ability to hold of defenders with ease. He may well be 'as daft as a brush' but was also a great combination of attacking flair and a tenacious never say die attitude.
    • PFA Young Player of the Year: 1987–88
    • PFA First Division Team of the Year: 1987–88, 1990–91
    • BBC Sports Personality of the Year: 1990
    • FIFA World Cup All-Star Team: 1990
    • Ballon d'Or: 1990 (4th)

    Kevin Keegan- Only englishmen to win Ballon Dor twice!!!

    Malcolm Macdonald- One of the best pure goalscorers the english game has seen,known for his superb pace, aggression, work-rate. Liked to drop into midfield to pick up the ball as well.
    • Football League First Division Golden Boot: 1975, 1977
    • PFA Team of the Year: 1974

    Why I will win?
    • Malcolms' pace will ensure that Gio's side are going to defend deeper which will allow keegan and gazza to play closer to the goal where they can exert the most damage.
    • Overloading the midfield and having two players who can win the game on their own in keegan and gazza.
    • Playing a 4-4-2 against my side will allow me to dominate the middle and pull his players out of position.
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    Sorry I've been busy all day so haven't had much chance to get online.
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    Saw the votes and decided not much point.

    Good luck in the finals @Gio
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    If this is the case, i’ll close the poll and then set up the final. Let me know if you are ok with it
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    Strange. Very surprised at the votes. Thought MJJ has this match.

    Not a fan of Dalglish as #10 or even that Dalglish/Hughes combination. I rate Hughes ability in a 2 striker combo for his physical playing style and ability to hold up the ball. Strengths, I don't see utilized well in this combo with Dalglish. I also don't see Gio's midfield stopping Gazza/Keegan either. With Wilkins there in Dalglish's space, he seems to have tactical edge too.

    Rate Nicol, but Lennox was something in his peak. Fantastic goalscorer and he's the one who'll benefit most from Dalglish and Hughes.

    MJJ 3 - 2 Gio