Press conference and other interviews thread


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May 26, 2021
Newcastle press conference:

Martinez in contention to return
"Licha Martinez: I think he will return to the squad. He's done some sessions with us and we plan for him to be available if this afternoon everything goes right in training. He will return to the squad."
Ten Hag on other members of the injured brigade
"For some other players we have to see: [Marcus] Rashford, Bruno [Fernandes], Willy Kambwala, if they are fit enough."
Ten Hag defends Hojlund
"When we decided to go for him we buy a player for this season and the future. He has to develop, he has to progress, he needs time, sometimes it goes up and down, before winter he struggled to get his first Premier League goal but he is a very strong character. I am more confident, he's close."
More from Ten Hag on Hojlund and the decision to sign him
"Last season we had a goalscorer with 30. We add one extra striker to the squad and on financial resources more was not possible. We were quite confident when you are third and reach two finals, when you add a striker the transfer policy is right."
Ten Hag shares Varane update
"We are planning, definitely, for the last games [for Varane to play]. Not tomorrow but we hope for Sunday and then, of course, for the last game."
Ten Hag on the magnitude of the clash with Newcastle
"It's a very important game. You get the ranking, so it's very important to get the win. We have to do everything in it to get the win and we have to fight hard for it."
Ten Hag addresses Fernandes exit links
"It's the same question as last week. So I answered. The same answer. Now in all the years he was a tremendously important player for Manchester United and creating the most chances across the Premier League. So many assists, so many goals. It's clear he's a very important player for us."
Ten Hag hails the fans
"What they did in the last games. At Palace, they were so magnificent, they were brilliant. You say the mood is low, maybe the expectations are lower but I don't want to say the mood, the vibe they create is lower, they back the team at Palace and last Sunday."


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May 26, 2021
Brighton press conference:

Ten Hag confirms Shaw is a major doubt for FA Cup final
"Luke is more complicated in this moment, let's say it's less of a chance he will make it but still a very small chance. He had a setback, now we have to find out how far it is."
Ten Hag on Varane and Lindelof
"We're working to bring players back. Licha (Martinez) had a good session now as well, others on the pitch like Rapha (Varane), Victor Lindelof, we have to see how far they are on Sunday. Tomorrow we're off, Saturday we have training."
Ten Hag hopeful Maguire will be ready for FA Cup final
"Harry Maguire has a fair chance that he will be available."
Ten Hag addresses Rashford incident with fan before Newcastle fixture
"I saw yesterday, I felt the fans, they were all very positive about the mood, spirit and ambiance in the stadium. That is very good and it shows the strong bond between the team and the fans."
Ten Hag on the prospect of VAR being scrapped
"I don't think there is a way back. In principle it makes football more fair. But we have problems. We have to make improvements."
Ten Hag on the confidence United youngsters will gain from Newcastle win
"Confidence is a great thing. This season we almost didn’t get the turning point, now we can make a step through. I remember the Arsenal game and in the 87th minute, I thought we won it. That could have given a big lift to the team. We never got this but a game like yesterday will help us, especially the young players. It will give us lots of confidence."


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Sep 2, 2010
MK Dons
Setback :lol:

Have we ever had single return from injury earlier than predicted? Our medical team must be nowhere near required standard, no one can convince me otherwise. And it's been like that sinc the Fergie times, I wonder how many same people are still employed at that department.


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May 26, 2021
FA Cup final press conference:

Ten Hag's thoughts on FA Cup final
"It's all about trophies but you need an opportunity to win a trophy. So last ten years, not so many trophies in this club but we have an opportunity to win two trophies in two years."
Ten Hag on team news
"Yeah, Harry Maguire is unavailable but for the rest, all of the players you mentioned are available. Tomorrow final training and we make final decisions but the way I see it now it looks good (that Mount, Lindelof and Martial are available)."
Maguire ruled out of FA Cup final
"Maguire? It (the injury) didn't heal as expected."
Ten Hag on Rashford
"He looks good. That is a career ups and downs, a down can also give fuel and that is what I see in training, he will be highly motivated, speak with your feet, highly intelligent, he has had a big career, I'm sure he will get over this and get more goals."
How important is this game?
"Every game I want to win and that's it, I just focus on this game as I do for every game, I know it's an important game as it's about a trophy."
Would the FA Cup salvage the season?
"No, but it's FA Cup final, is a big event and we are there, even in the season is not in our way we are there, we have an opportunity and it's never been easy but we have to go for it and we will go for it, we have to believe as we did last season as we have done often against good opponents, we play our best football and I expect that again on Saturday."
Have you been thinking about transfers?
"Yes, of course but my focus is… until Saturday I only think about this game."
Outside suggestions this could be your final game?
"I have nothing to say. Just focusing on the job I have to do and that is first win the game on Saturday and then the project, keep going with the project."
How is your time at United judged?
"I came here to win trophies, Saturday, the next opportunity we achieved this, we earned this opportunity as a team and now we have to go for it and in the same time in the last two years, of course, after every season you review it and we will see where we are in the project, things we have to change, we spoke lately about it, very good things, players coming up, values coming up and on Saturday we have a big opportunity to win the next trophy."
Different approach required against City?
"I think we were very competitive until a VAR decision at Old Trafford, a tough decision I thought. No one understood, we haven't seen this in the rest of the season, a decision in such moment. At Etihad, for 70 minutes we were very good in the game, we had opportunities to make a second goal, they had a bench and on Saturday we will have a bench."


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Nov 8, 2018
ETH's interview scrapes with Shearer after the FA Cup are an example of non-journalists questioning above their pay grade.
It was Cup final day, United had just won the Cup for the 13th time, with a sound game plan to defeat one of (if not the) best teams around, in a knockout competition, but Shearer questions him about Premier League results?

Could it be anything to do with United's win knocking Newcastle out of Europe next year?.... Of course not, perish the thought! ;)