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Sep 25, 2006
It's all about the response lads. Show us you've learnt your lesson and all will be forgiven.

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Oct 21, 2020
ETH strikes me as a strict but honest profesor. He surely laid into them the next day but when he's done that they went to work like before after that. He made sure it stuck into their heads how catastrophic that all was and not to forget about it in a few days.


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Dec 6, 2016
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Quite eye opening the admission from Rashford that while they didn't throw in the towel, the team couldn't agree on how best to approach the rest of the game as it started turning to pot.

While the forwards wanted to press high, the others perhaps wanted to keep things tight, and the difference in approaches opened holes in the team's shape which ultimately prove suicidal.
Certainly goes a long way to explain how it got so bad. Maybe the City away game was in the back of some of their minds where we managed to nick a few goals back to make it look a little closer than it it was. Only Liverpool have a different mindset to City in these types of situations.


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Jun 6, 2013
Quite eye opening the admission from Rashford that while they didn't throw in the towel, the team couldn't agree on how best to approach the rest of the game as it started turning to pot.

While the forwards wanted to press high, the others perhaps wanted to keep things tight, and the difference in approaches opened holes in the team's shape which ultimately prove suicidal.
If that's the case Ten Hag or one of the coaching team should have got the message to the players on what the strategy was.


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Jun 22, 2020
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Quite eye opening the admission from Rashford that while they didn't throw in the towel, the team couldn't agree on how best to approach the rest of the game as it started turning to pot.

While the forwards wanted to press high, the others perhaps wanted to keep things tight, and the difference in approaches opened holes in the team's shape which ultimately prove suicidal.
Also shows what the conversations have been like at Carrington since the loss. Cold hard analysis - good.


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Aug 7, 2017
If that's the case Ten Hag or one of the coaching team should have got the message to the players on what the strategy was.
Maybe the strategy was clear. but he'd still want to know the players thoughts on a loss like that.


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Jun 5, 2014
Unable to see the video of the press conference, what was the journalist question about Bruno?


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Jun 7, 2013
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Ten Hag on Garnacho
"I can't say exactly [when he will be back]. It will take weeks, it is a serious injury. Once again, after Christian Eriksen, we have a serious injury after a contact."
More from Ten Hag on Garnacho
"It is not a good decision. It is difficult to make a diagnosis quickly. I saw him limping and that is why I took him off."
More from Ten Hag on Garnacho
"He will be back before the end of the season. We need to get him back as soon as possible and we hope he is ready."

Ten Hag on Antony and if Pellistri will come in
"Antony is ill. We have options and we will see tomorrow. We have [Anthony] Elanga, Bruno [Fernandes] and Pelli [Facundo Pellistri]."
Ten Hag on if Casemiro and Fernandes will play because of suspension risk
"They will play, both. It is a very good opponent. Last week we had a good result, but we need to go again. We need our best players and our best team."
Martinez on if he could play in midfield
"We have many good midfielders. Like I have said in many interviews, I will play wherever the coach wants to use me."
Martinez on the fans' love for him
"A footballer's passion is to play with heart. We have a connection with the fans. It is very emotional for me [to hear the fans chant his name]. It is a dream to come to England and play for Manchester United."
Ten Hag on possibly rotating
"It is always serious and we will play our best team. We have to put up a team that can adapt during the game. We know our opponent can, as they have really good players. We have to be ready to battle with them."
Martinez on his relationship with Varane
"Rapha [Varane] is an amazing player and I really enjoy playing with him. We always enjoy training together and we are working hard. I think we are doing an amazing job, but we also have Victor Lindelof and Harry Maguire. As a player, when you have that connection, you can get clean sheets."
Ten Hag on a lack of consistency from referees
"We have the injuries and the red cards. We have had some talks with them [the Premier League], yes. It is not about the referee, it is about us; we have to bring our performance and focus on that."
Ten Hag on a demanding schedule
"We can manage. We have players that can recover good in between games. We are in contact with medical and performance about what players can handle. We can mix it. When we are going into the final stages of the season, we can bring our best team."
Ten Hag on United's title chances
"I think we have made good progress, but we also have to acknowledge that there is still a gap. I couldn't expect us to close that gap quickly. We are trying to win every game and we have beaten all of the top teams. We are capable of doing it. We have to take the next step to do it more consistently. With time, we can do it."
More from Ten Hag on United's title prospects
"The Premier League was never that difficult as now; there are so many competitors. It is not a two-horse race; it is a five, six, seven-horse race. For what we want, there are six or seven clubs more [who want the same]. We are capable of doing it but we are aware within the club that we still have steps to go."
Ten Hag on rarely having a full squad available this season
"I think we have only had one game when we have had the full squad available. It was against Man City at home and that is the only time in the season. Every other time in the season we have had a player suspended, injured or missing through illness."
Ten Hag on if United can go the rest of the season unbeaten
"We are capable of it but now we have to show it again. We can't think too far ahead and must take it game-by-game."
Martinez on if United can compete for the title next season
"For sure. We have really good players and we are Manchester United, who demand to win any trophy. We have to go game-by-game, believe and fight for every title."


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May 26, 2021
Newcastle press conference;

Rashford latest
"I've good hope, he trained but he had to do some treatment, he had to do some individual training, today he joined in with the group. We have one more day. I have a good hope he will be available."
Update on Rashford contract talks?
"We never do. It's an internal process. We focus on winning games, of course also planning for the future so in the back we're working on that. It's about agents, it's about football director John Murtough, Rashy and I are focusing on performing."
Luke Shaw signed a new deal?
"If he signed, I don't know, I haven't heard, John didn't inform me until now. I have to wait for that. If true, I am pleased. We definitely want to keep him because he's a really important player for our team."
Want to keep Rashford and De Gea too?

"Yeah, I do."
How have you helped Rashford's form?
"It's not about just a talk, I'm not Harry Potter. It's like a process, so there are many tools you're putting in in your management to let people get to best form, best shape so it's about line-up, way of playing, it's about coaching, talks, informal, it's about coaches working with him and especially it's a lot about himself because he's the one and he has the skills."
Martial could return
"He's training, so for two weeks now, I think he can be in."
McTominay play up front?
"Scott can play in many roles, it's clear he has scoring capabilities for Scotland but also this season for us he's a really good finisher but I see him as a midfielder so I think I'm happy with Wout is doing. Because when Wout is in the team the team is performing better."
Need other scorers?
"I think we have players like Bruno, like Jadon Sancho, like Anthony Martial, like Scott McTominay, like Antony dos Santos, we have enough players with the capabilities to score goals, definitely.
"What I said previously, I work in the back on next season but we're working now on this season, so first of all make sure everyone is available and keep improving the way of play and that's the best chance of scoring more goals."
Newcastle still irritating to play against?
"Concern, we know they delay, yeah. It's something that is what the refereeing doesn't want, they want to have tempo in the game, that is the aim of the PL, so they have to be consistent to let the game go, so do and act what the policy is.
"It's about us, like we did in the two previous games, it's about us, as every game, we want to dictate, to control the game but we play against a good opponent, we're aware of that. They've had a great season with their manager, way of play. It's a team that is really hard to beat,. We are looking forward to the challenge and the evidence is we can beat them."
On Rashford's trip to New York
"I think it's positive that he was in a break. I think Rashford, I think with Bruno, he was playing the most games of the whole squad and I think with Manchester United playing the most games across Europe and especially the internationals, our internationals are not mostly on the bench, mostly they are playing.
"Our players are playing the most games in this crazy season. They need a breather to collect energy. For me, it's positive he took that time to turn off from football. I have seen him back this week and he has shown a lot of energy, a lot of motivation, it was a good spirit and a lot of focus.
"Harry Maguire, Luke Shaw, Bruno, Casemiro, they are starters for their nations. I want to emphasise they have the most games across the season so far. We played an extra round in the Europa League."


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Aug 19, 2022
Any update on Eriksen? I presume he's about a week away from consideration but has ETH indicated anything specifically?


Meet the press(conference)
May 18, 2016
Tomorrow is Casemiro's last domestic game of his ban. While he's been out, has he been taking part in full training? Is the idea that he can just slot back into the team?

"Yes, of course, he is taking part but that's especially for a player like Casemiro, that's not an advantage. So he needs the rhythm. He needs the rhythm from training, from games so he misses that but luckily he had the game with Brazil versus Morocco and we are lucky we are playing three games in one week, in six days and so he doesn't miss that much."

Are you concerned that he might be unfairly - not marked - but he's had two suspensions already for seven games. Are you concerned that referees are going to look for him unfairly and overly referee him and he will pick up another red card?

"I don't know. I have to trust the refs but I have to say from me, so both are definitely not a red card. And everyone who knows football, you know that when you play on top level you know that's not a red card because then you can send off in every game in the Premier League many players."

Just on Shaw - could he be out for a few weeks and what is the injury specifically that he's got?

"Second part of this question, we don't call, it is personal. The first - I don't think in this moment but we have to see how it progresses. I think he can [be] back quite quickly."

So you're not too worried about it?

"In this moment no."

Is it something that could become more problematic, has got the possibilty to be more of a problem?

"Yeah, that, with injuries you have to see over days how it progress and sometimes you underestimate the injury but I think Luke did quite well. He knows his body. He went in the right moment off before he got more damage. In this moment we are quite positive about him returning quickly."

What does Christian's return bring back to your team?

"He is always composed on the ball. You can always find him, so in the progressing of the game and he has key actions. He has key passes, the final pass, so I think that brings a lot to a team.

Does - we've seen results slip a little bit with one win in four in the Premier League. Does the return of Casemiro and Eriksen come at the right time for the final push?

"It's obvious and clear they are two very valuable players for us and especially so midfield we all know how important the midfield department is. And what we have to do is now several games to find a new balance and that's not so easy to find that in this stage of the season. And it's sometimes a little bit trial and error, bringing new players in. Bringing players in a different position so that's what we did but against Brentford I was very pleased with the performance of the midfield. Because I think we played very well there. All the three but also in co-operation together. They did a magnificent job. I think they can progress."

Do you know when Garnacho may be back from injury?

"We have something in our heads but I don't want - he will definitely be back before the end of the season. I think he will be in the final stages but I don't want to bring so much pressure on the medical and Garnacho to set a date when to be back."

You said the other night you would want two players in your squad who can score more than 15 goals a season - obviously Marcus has got 28 this season. Is the hope for next season for those players to be Marcus and a new striker?

"We [and] I work hard in the background on that we get more players in scoring. But at the same time we have to develop the team. And to develop our attacking play that more players are coming in the area that they can score goals. And I think we have the capabilities. Jadon Sancho can score a goal, Bruno Fernandes can score a goal, Marcel Sabitzer can score a goal, Antony can score a goal. And the good thing, Anthony Martial is getting fitter, and fitter, and fitter so when you look back he definitely can score goals. So then we already have two players who are capable to score 15 goals or more."

You spoke on Wednesday about the job Marcus is doing for the team and the goals he scored. You also said that in terms of his contract you'll give us news when you have it. At what stage does the fact there is no news yet become a concern for you?

"No, it is not a concern for me. But I don't want to give a comment on the process because I don't think it will support the process. But I'm quite relaxed."

But the goals he's scored obviously underline how important he is to the team and equally how important it is to get him on a new contract?

"Yeah, but that is quite clear. But remember last year when we were sitting here. Everyone was worrying, concerning. I don't because I think we have the players but also the way we play, we will have players who score goals."

Despite people maybe thinking you didn't have a deep squad, you've competed for four trophies pretty much all the way up until now. How much work have you got to do in the summer for that squad to take the next step and compete maybe in the Champions League, or for the Champions League and for the Premier League at the top instead of the top four?

"So thinking about that is first of all, always think of improving your way of play. We are now in the final stage. So not even two months to go, so keep working on improving your game. Team, individual. And then making the next step. And then summer comes - I already said - of course we are working in the back on this summer, but in this moment it doesn't have to focus. It's about now. It's about we are in the right spot. We are competing for the top four in the Premier League, we are in the quarter-final of the Europa League, we are in the semi-final of the FA Cup. We already have won a cup, so we have to make it a really successful season. We have a great squad, so I am really positive to get a good final stage of the season and to get even more silverware."