Put a price on how much it would cost us to genuinely compete for the title


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May 8, 2018
For 2/3 months we looked like we had the spine for a title challenge but the squad is massively light you only compete or win by having the best players in each position and then a back up that that would probably get into another top 4 team. Currently we have one Left back who would start for city, one wide left striker and at a push a CDM but probably a top 4 starter like Bruno, Varane and Martinez and a young superstar coming through. That’s 7 players at best that are capable, you can carry maybe 2 or 3 more in the squad who have the potential to improve like AWB, D Dalot and Antony/Sancho. We need an awful lot to challenge consistently through a long season with the game changing so much now with the use of 5 Subs and 9 named Subs. Let’s remember City sold Zincenko, Jesus and Stirling cast them away without so much as of dithering thought for £140m and replaced them with better players that improved the squad depth and squad dynamics.

This Squad Challenges or Wins an EPL;
Goalkeepers -
(Mike Maignan, D De Gea, T Heaton) cost £65m

Defenders - (D DumFries, D Dalot, AWB, KMJ, R Varane, L Martinez, M Ghuei, L Shaw, Alphonso Davies) Cost £150m

Midfielders - (Casemeiro, M Caciedo, Ericsen, Bruno, FDJ, J Ramsey, E Le Fey)
Cost £180m

Attackers - (Rashford, V Oshimen, O Dembele, Antony, Ganaucho, R Hojlund, J Sancho, M Thurham. Cost £205m Squad has 8 HG players

We would sell D Henderson, B Williams, V Lindelof, E Bailey, A Teles, H Maguire, DVB, Fred, S Mctominay, A Martial, A Elanga Total £150-200m

The cost is £600m - £150/200m so £450/500m net spend which is what incidentally the Glazers think as they play with other peoples money as rumours are they can spend £400-500m after a mass sale of players!
They have apparently informed SJ and SJR which is crazy as they intend to sign off a huge spend then leave or worse go upstairs in the background with 20% minority shares! we need to look at HG talent much earlier as well !


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Apr 23, 2015
To challenge for the title on a one-off or a consistent basis?

If it’s to win a single PL title and then go another decade without winning it, then with the right recruitment we can challenge with around £300m being spent on top quality players in a few areas.The reason I’m saying this figure minimum is because of how far City are to the rest. If it was only Arsenal ahead of us for example, we could get away with spending almost half that amount, providing we recruit in the right areas.

If we want to continuously challenge for the PL then we are talking at least £1 billion. This included getting things sorted off the pitch too as that’s important to be able to have some of the best facilities in the world for our existing players and also to attract the very best talent to want to come to us.


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Feb 15, 2023
We can challenge for the title next season, however, it depends who the new owners are, the current owners and possibly Ratcliffe realistically gets us 3 players max (Rabiot, Kane, Thuram?),
Alternatively, if its Qatar, then I would be expecting a blockbuster of a transfer window for Utd, (Kane, Mount, Min-Jae, a new GK, Timber, maybe even De Jong).


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May 30, 2021
All it takes is a really good manager. So, around 10 million, I'd say.


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Feb 5, 2018
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Osimhen - €120m
Rice - €100m
Zubimendi - €60m
Caicedo - €80m
Min Jae - €45m
Frimpong - €45m
D. Costa - €55m

About half a billion euros.