Ralf Rangnick's consultancy role has been scrapped

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Dec 31, 2017

Not entirely shocked by this but damn it must really have been a shit show behind the scenes
WTF? So what the feck was the point of hiring him then since this is what we really wanted him to do. Not be a coach!
I don't get it, isn't that what Ragnick has been looking for all the time? Are there anything happening behind the scene?
Club still lacks vision, the appointment was then totally useless.
Has surely come from ten Hag.
No way the Glazers were ever going to do what he recommended. No doubt we will now pay 100m for Rice or Bellingham and sign a few players in their mid 30s.
I mean, he was completely underwhelming. I know he didn’t have the time to make the team his own but the second half of the season there was just nothing. They may as well had me in charge.
Listen to ten Hag's response when he was asked about Rangnick in his press conference. I think he has his own vision and isn't really that interested in hearing Rangnick's thoughts moving forward so the club probably thought it was pointless keeping him around.
What the feck was the point in the last 6 months then? Another utterly stupid decision from the board.
WTF? So what the feck was the point of hiring him then since this is what we really wanted him to do. Not be a coach!
Another weird decision by the club that was.
The club needs to focus on making good decisions, that should be the prime goal at the moment, just making good decisions.
We haven’t had made many of them since 2013 if at all.
I think that for a fresh start he needed to be gone - I'm not sure that he was very well received so maybe best for all concerned.

Still think that it’s all piss poor planning from November……glad now we’ve got a new team in though.
I’m so confused on how to feel about this.

All I can do is just laugh
People might be happy about this but once again it points to ongoing chaotic making it up as we go shite
Another way of saying it is… ten Hag doesn’t need you. He’s here to turn things around on his own and everything goes through him.
Ten Hag is finally here so I wouldn’t really worry too much about it. Besides Ralf would already have communicated everything there is needed to Ten Hag of what to expect and his experience during his six months here

Well, I think that can categorically go down as one of the worst appointments we've ever made. And we've had a few
Optically it’s for the best. National team manager acting as a consultant is almost as stupid as Ralf getting instructions over the phone from his pal in Moscow. Next up is hopefully no more technical director Fletcher on the bench.
Best of luck to him... But this is disappointing. His tenure as manager was awful, but I was fully expecting that his first-hand experience with the squad would enable him to do this consultancy role more effectively (and definitely more effectively than anyone who would be replacing him now if the club are to do so).

Fingers crossed it doesn't have a big impact, but I fear it will do.
It’s clear his head was turned by the Austria job. Makes his signing as an interim utterly pointless, and we could’ve done better.
Well the last 6 months ended up being a bit pointless then, didn't it? :lol:
Consultancy role was always going to be a bit stupid IMO. Ten Hag is the coach and should have authority on decisions. And if you wanna 'advise' the club, then apply for DoF or something like that.
So we chose Rangnick over Conte because of the German ability to build sides as DOF long only to let Rangnick go after few months. Sweet. I am sure its Woodward's fault. Murtough and Fletcher are flawless
This is interesting. Him being on the pay role stopped him from talking mad shit about what has happened this season. Nothing stopping him now.
WTF? So what the feck was the point of hiring him then since this is what we really wanted him to do. Not be a coach!
That's exactly all he was.

United needed an interim coach to fill in after Ole was sacked. The consultancy role was only added to the contract on Rangnick's own insistence.

I'm guessing the consultancy isn't needed any more since the entire hierarchy from chairman to scouts to manager to coaching staff to the playing squad is being completely rejigged. Rangnick's info will be out-of-date the moment he leaves his position. There won't be much left he can consult on.
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