Rashford is going ahead with surgery and could be out until October


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Oct 23, 2020
If Liverpool can do it with Milner Ox and Henderson then the system is clearly greater than the sum of its parts. Even a cheap punt like Tsimikas comes in and looks at ease. They are all physically playing flat out but technically they are in their comfort zone in well drilled and familiar patterns. They know their roles inside out. They are confident their press will destroy the low block and gets them in amongst it battling away from the off. Their percentage crosses are turned in game after game. There is always someone busting a gut on the overlap giving an out ball or someone gambling with a selfless run. Better than us just signing player after player seemingly without a plan as to how we will use them.
Yeah they were amazing last season when they lost a couple of key players to injury and had to play a few players out of position to cover for the injuries...... oh wait no they weren't, they were pretty rubbish at times and lost 5 on the bounce at home (or whatever it was).

If ever there was evidence that you need both the quality and the system to be truly successful that was it.

One or the other can only get you so far, so for whats it worth ole has done well enough considering he hasn't had the quality in previous seasons. Now he has the quality I would expect better this season its not happened yet but the season is only just started so let's give them a chance.


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May 10, 2009
He was never that bad ffs :lol:

This topic is only a ‘thing’ becuase how over the top the criticism was.

Even when out of form and injured he was still one of our most productive players and gives his 100% every game.

We had and still have far bigger issues and worse performing players than that version of Rashford.
Exactly, there are few who posted nonsense at that time, now somehow they want to tag themselves along with other posters who made valid points.