RAWK goes into Meltdown 20/21 Edition

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May 26, 2016
Funny how many think Murphy and Carra are against them. Literally all football fans are the same.
I couldn’t work out what fans made the list tbh. I can’t stand Murphy on MOTD, he’s constantly sucking Liverpool off and defending them


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Apr 15, 2015
None of them realise that Henderson is an abomination of a centre half? Fabinho is a rock star in there. He made Henderson look passable. Flying solo he’s abysmal.

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Jan 1, 2015
Split, Croatia
Three decent games on Sky today, but after yesterday, I literally can't be arsed with any of it.

Sums up where we are when we could do with West Ham vs Spurs and Villa vs Leicester being draws.
Yeah, just don’t want anything to do with football at the moment. It’s killing my mood, and things are shit enough as it is. Won’t be watching anything but at the same time there’s nothing else to do so keep coming back to here or Twitter (always an error). All shite
I am going to watch them because quite frankly it doesnt matter what the other sides do, our form is so bad that there is no point even caring if Leicester or Man United dont win
At this point, we need them to beat the teams closer to us...so Leicester beating villa would be a help
Good set of games today on paper....but after what happened yesterday you'd have to put a gun to my head to make me watch any of them......football can feck right off
At least we can laugh at tottenham...the little things
Also slightly infuriating that because we're so bad and don't seem to care, we're inspiring teams around us even more! West Ham to move further away or Tottingham to catch us :/


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Sep 7, 2019
I know they have problems at CB, but the whole team looks out of sorts and to honest clueless. Maybe Mane should have just bought a wig and some super glue if his hair transplant if messing with his performances.
I hear Gorilla glue is good for hair :D


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Oct 25, 2013
Thats a dive by Rashford and not a single word about it on 5 live. Maguire then elbows lachelles in the face in the box and nothing.

I'm not buying it anymore. Disgraceful decisions

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Jan 1, 2015
Split, Croatia
Spurs are as bad as us at the minute
Leicester showing how u deal with injuries.

They have had plenty themselves.
They haven't had 5 CBs injured though so not really sure they would have any relevance to our situation
but soyuncu out most of the season . Pereira ,Ndidi, Castagne all been out. Now James and Fofona.
Rodgers has done a great job
Presuming Yernited beat Newcastle, we’re 9 points off second and third which is a massive gap in any season, let alone a season where our current form befits that of a relegation outfit. Make no mistake, it’s one place up for grabs and there’s about six teams in the hunt.
Its amazing that Leicester replaced McGuire with a player who's head is equally proportioned. The pool of players to choose from must have been miniscule.
Wake up and see it's the worst possible results for us. What a shit weekend.
I understand but Spurs and Villa would have been a point behind us if they'd won. Good chance West Ham won't be able to maintain their form so I don't mind them beating Spurs

Edit: villa game still underway of course
De Bruyne back for City.

They must be relieved. How they've managed to cope with their substantial injury crisis of him and Aguero (who's barely played for a year anyway) being out, is amazing
5 behind fourth
Honestly we're lucky that's all it is.
Hard life for Pep isn't it?
They can change 3 of their back 4 and bring 3 £50m players in ffs. Drop Mendy, Stones and Walker to bring in Cancelo, Dias and Laporte. Oh and with a £40m fourth choice in Ake.
City's bench: Steffen, Walker, Laporte, Mendy, Rodri, Foden, Torres, Aguero, Jesus.

It's just laughable really. That's what everyone else is up against.
Yep, and yet their form nose-dived last year with no injury crisis. The secret to their resurgence this year is spend over one hundred million on more world class players. Anything they win is just par.
The Croydon De Bruyne? feck sake, get this c*nt off tv
Just the £700M+ team today, Peps a footballing genius you know.
What a season to be running away with the title. No celebrations in the stands, no celebrations in the pubs. Everyone just sat at home. Just Liam Gallagher gloating on Twitter. They effectively sealed the title after beating us and no one was arsed.
Um, whisper it but we kind of weren't allowed to celebrate either.
There were full crowds at 31 of 38 games, it's not even remotely similar.
When we sealed it I meant.
Do you ever say anything positive
feck me
Hopefully someone stops them winning the CL
Bayern would batter them.
Yeah I think it's a little deceptive as everyone else is a bit shit, a decent team should do them
Bayern are pressing like it's pre-Covid days still and they're just getting picked off by even garbage teams. I don't think Flick knows anything else. ManC if they're on form would destroy them. We need a typical Pep feckup more than likely to save us from them lifting the CL as things stand.
Would anyone really care if they won it? Same as them winning the league, it's soulless.
No it’s the Champions League of course some of us would care, that’s what truly puts you in the elite bracket oil rich owners or not, the same was said for Chelsea 10 years ago and now you’ve got a whole generation of young people who see Chelsea as a legitimate big English club.
Yeah, I don't want to see any other English side win the Champions League other than my beloved reds. Having seen us win it 6 times I've become a little bit possessive of old big ears. We are European royalty after all.
Some money men somewhere would I would guess. Anything that lets them transition to where it's more organic is bad.
Long term City present a huge issue for the PL if they want to maintain any illusion of competition.
It's clear that they don't want competition.The officiating has guaranteed that Manchester City will win it at a gentle canter. I can't see that changing anytime soon. Might as well stop the league and give them the title now
We have enough things to worry about in football and out of football to worry about Man City in the bloody CL. Who really gives a shit?
A lot of other leagues are completely dominated by one team. If the Premier League joins them then football is as good as dead in my eyes
Mane gives ref a funny look. “That’s a yellow for you sonny, now piss off”.
Sterling throws an enormous wobbler at ref “I’m terribly sorry, would you mind awfully calming down a bit good sir. Much obliged.”
Stones not playing the ball there and just shoulder barges Auba, goal kick given.
Loads of off the ball stuff by City too just completely ignored
Its a conspiracy!
City just turning into a team that never concedes, when 3 months ago, they looked like a chocolate fireguard, is annoying. But hopefully they beat our top 4 rivals from here on out
Guardiola has signed just the right amount of 50 million pound defenders, combined with sterile tactics, to stop conceding goals. Genius.
Hopefully that carries domestically for the rest of the season.
The Spanish Fat Sam but with a little bit more money to spend.

Funny that our club is so universally dispised by other teams yet this league is a poor Liverpool side away from being the French, German or Scottish league.
United spent just as much as they do...they are just crap with it. Chelsea too...maybe to a lesser extent, I guess.
This Shola kid on the bench for United...anyone seen him play?

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Jan 1, 2015
Split, Croatia
Wan Bisakka is apparently the best 1vs1 defender in the league.
How is constantly sliding into tackles mean you're good at defending? For you to always do that means you let your man get better of you initially.
Didn't they pay 40million for Joelinton
With the exception of Almiron, Newcastle's workrate is downright disgusting. That's twice now Almiron has burst down the wing on the counter, and there's not a single Newcastle player running to try to catch up to him. Joelinton was literally jogging forward.
You're watching this game? Well done
It's on in the background. Not expecting entertainment, but given United's current form, I want it on in case the Newcastle smash-and-grab comes to fruition.
Watching it myself now as I had a Leicester/City/Dirtbags treble, I may as well try and get something from rivals inevitably all winning.
Just turned it on and even the tone of the commentators' voices when speaking about them is night and day compared to what we have to listen to when watching our team.
Newcastle keeper is dogshit.
We should buy Almiron and Joey Lynton. I know my friend Hazell agrees.
Don't be ridiculous, Joey Lynton is awful. Almiron on the other hand would resolve all our issues immediately
How many goals has Maguire been at fault for now? Most defenders head that out for another corner, old Slabhead prefers to put it in the danger area.
Says a lot - Bruce embarrassed to celebrate a goal at the shithole
this club and Klopp have not been recognised for their achievements, not one pundit has the balls to say it as it is about the way city have gone about things, quite happy to sit back and just say pep is a genius and ignore the disregard for ffp.
They're all dipping their beaks in the football trough....every feckin one of them, they're not arsed about level playing fields or disregard for financial safeguarding ...as long as the dough keeps rolling in from the greatest league in the world , it's in their own interests to keep it that way....the only way i see it changing is if the PL becomes a less attractive proposition for a worldwide TV audience due to the title effectively being already decided even before a ball is kicked..then maybe the institutionalised arselicking of City by the media might start to be challenged...
Polar opposite reasons. Everything city achieve is par. Us and united are actual football clubs so we'll always be a story.

In other news United have been poor but will probably win due to superior goal scorers.
City fans say the exact same thing but for different reasons ( Liverpool and United get more coverage blah blah )...everyone moans about the media and yet everyone wants validation from the media.
Bruno ends up shoving people every single game
God forgive me but I'd absolutely love somebody to do that Bruno Fernandes.
I forgot there was a professional footballer called Daniel James.
Hahahahhaha - guaranteed wankfest after Bruno Fernandoze "assist" to Dan Dan Dan there
like I said no one apart from this forum pointed out the achievement of overtaking city last season despite the huge financial gulf between the clubs.
Quietly ignored by everyone
No idea how you give an opposition player 10 yards of space in your own penalty area. Abysmal defending
Newcastle look finished here. Better team for most of the game and still managing to lose. United well on top now.

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Jan 1, 2015
Split, Croatia

Rashford you diving c*nt.
Bound to get overturned this
If that was Salah, then Carra would have been calling him a diver
Yup. I said it yesterday but I hope nobody forgets that he called Salah AND Mane divers yesterday
Unbelievable they got a penalty for that. VAR didnt even look at it hahaha. You cant make this stuff up. If that were Mane, or Salah no way that would be given.
I'm just saying, but it's almost as if the Prem need United to be relevant. Sky and the media are not loving City running away with the league (or us last year)
I'm sure someone will be along soon with the article where one of the head men in the FA outrightly said that it isn't good if their "flagship club" Manchester United aren't winning
Richard Scudamore even admitted it that for the league to be successful they need the mancs to be successful.
Not all contact in the box is a penalty you know. He went down too easily there, looking for a pen....
No wait. Its Man Utd and humankind savior Sir Marcus?
...Lucky to have got away without a serious injury there, Rashford. Definite penalty, no doubt, and God speed
This match has been a prime example of Bruno Fernandes stat-padding. Has had very little influence on the game here, but an assist he knew nothing about and a penalty later and here we are.
It's a penalty but the rules should be looked at, not all contact should be a penalty. It has to impede you to the point that it prevents you playing the ball.
So you're saying Trent should have got his big fat head out of the way then?
No VAR check needed, even.

His sock was touched, and noone, ABSOLUTELY NOONE touches the socks of Sir Markus.
Clear penalty.
If possible, that was TWO penalties maybe, if there can be such a thing, Jim.
How much more revenue do united make than us that allows them to spend so much more than us every year? Just curious
Imagine if Salah did what Rashford did. As soon as he hit the deck Tyler would be jumping out of his chair.
Resident Manc Simon Stone said it was "an elaborate fall" by Rashford.
So a dive then.
There would be a VAR check and the league's first yellow card for simulation.
A petition online would lead to Mane also getting a red card, as the real master mind of the operation
Since his Premier League debut in February 2020, Bruno Fernandes (11) has himself scored more goals from the penalty spot than any other team in the competition (Chelsea, Leicester, 9).
We've conceded 9 in that time. Will that overtake Penandes before the season is over? He'll get a couple of pens against us but maybe he'll miss them.
It’s a piss take. Salah can go to ground and not even appeal for anything and he’d get slaughtered on social media and by the likes of Carragher for diving. Rashford regularly dives and there’s absolutely no mention from the usual suspects.
If Salah was English, he wouldn’t get this grief
Rashford can do no wrong because of his campaigning, he's elevated to sainthood. Kane can do no wrong because he's England captain. Vardy can do no wrong because of his rags to riches roy of the rovers career.
I can just about live with that because it's England, that's how it is. It's the likes of Fernandes and Richarlison who are the biggest cheats i've ever seen in this country being indulged, yet Mo Salah - who is a better footballer than both - is treated like the devil despite being nothing like the cheats they are.
I don't get it. Mo supposedly goes to ground easy. is that a novelty? Players are going to ground easily for 90 minutes in the Premier League now. All of them.
the LatinAmerican (Argentinian, actually) broadcast for our match yesterday had two commentators saying that: A) Salah dives too much and usually gets calls his way due to diving, and B) the penalty was a penalty "beyond doubt".
I do wonder what the hell where they watching, or am I going blind and/or insane?
They mention "countless penalties that the Egyptian cheat wins". I mean... do they know the statistics ?
I legit don't know. Maybe we live in a parallel universe, maybe we're so biased we don't see the obvious, maybe we're insane
But if we so much as breathe on a player in the box it's an automatic pen.
Yep. Fab makes a great tackle outside the area, penalty. Thiago breathes near Werner, pen. Lewin knees Trent, penalty for Lewin etc etc. Meanwhile Maguire is just allowed to try and fracture someones skull
Have my TV on mute as Im in a Zoom thing right now, but I'm assuming model professional Paul Scholes is calling out Rashford on his dive there and questioning the official and VAR for allowing and giving it?
seriously, this league needs to be investigated. something very fishy going on.
just seems to me that they have figured out how to manipulate VAR. it was a disaster for them last season.
Time to switch off i think.
I've never known a player to get away with as much off-the-ball thuggery as Maguire. That was a clothesline JBL would be proud of.
If only the ref had some assistance to spot it. Im thinking of some form of video where other officials help out. That would surely stop it.
I'm surprised people still pay to watch this rigged shite, especially in games not concerning us. It's all so predictable now, decisions like this don't even register with me anymore. Footy is now reduced to a sad joke, VAR and incompetent fat refs have totally fecked it up.
I haven't spent a single penny on football this season (no Sky/BT, obviously can't go to matches anyway). I'll watch a game on a stream if I feel like it, but i'm not paying another penny into this corrupt WWE nonsense that is the Premier League.
Every Liverpool fan should give their season ticket up and just to go the European games if we have any
Anyone got a clip of the Maguire elbow that works?
The Ministry of Truth has taken it down.
What elbow?

Wow. What the feck.
And this went totally unpunished after VAR looked?
He looks round, see’s him coming, changes his running angle and speed, and forearm smashes him.
That’s fecking astonishing.
Maguire headlock in the Chelsea game was astonishing too. The elbow tonight has to be a retrospective ban (it won't be).
This team have had so many VAR decisions in their favour.
That pen for Rashford honestly though Are we saying any contact in the box is a foul.

Rashford hopes for the contact, realises Willock pulls out so actually stabs his foot down to initiate the contact. Absolutely no drama Marcus, here's your pen. VAR don't worry about it Marcus, shall I dry the ball for Bruno sir?
If his name were "Mohamed Rasha" it would be waved on at best, at worst a yellow card and a baying mob on social media


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Jan 18, 2018
“Very very Suspicious” is currently been closely followed by “something very fishy going on”


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Oct 11, 2020
We must have been driving so much traffic to their website that their board has crashed. It's been down all morning. :lol:
You horrible bastards, I wanted a good laugh for my early morning.


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Jun 2, 2009
Since his Premier League debut in February 2020, Bruno Fernandes (11) has himself scored more goals from the penalty spot than any other team in the competition (Chelsea, Leicester, 9).
I love this one. A player has scored more penalties than any other team.

Right. That player takes all of our penalties and scores pretty much all of them.


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Apr 11, 2015

Out of business?
They know they are internets laughing track. Thats why their site don't allow comments while games are on live (reason is apparently "focus on the game" it seems) which is weird because sites wants to have maximum client logging and interaction.
And conviniently goes into complete maintenance mode/403 everytime they lose.
Clever actually, allows their fans to cool off or else will become likr AFTV with lots of knee-jerks.
Never goes off when they winning though. Apparently less liverpool fans login into the site when they are winning. And max hit when they losing probably due to oppo fans.
They have to take blame because the site artificially selects the most deluded, vilest of liverpool fans and kick ban their own reasonable fans for having a different realistic view. As times goes by, that place became more and more concentrated place where only like minded delusional fans thrive. So it attracts views, parody and they kick ban people and the cycle completes.


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Sep 2, 2010
Manchester's Perch
Did they see the penalty Salah won VS Man City?

Also, I would like to know if this "blatantly corrupt " league has only happened in the last 6 months? Was never an issue when these calls were going their way:rolleyes:


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Feb 14, 2013
Did they see the penalty Salah won VS Man City?

Also, I would like to know if this "blatantly corrupt " league has only happened in the last 6 months? Was never an issue when these calls were going their way:rolleyes:
To be fair, they're all pretty consistent on this 2 stage corruption breakdown.

The first running from 1992-2019, the second starting from this season really. It's completely reasonable and sane.


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Jun 6, 2013
I love this one. A player has scored more penalties than any other team.

Right. That player takes all of our penalties and scores pretty much all of them.
So they’re basically saying “one team has had more penalties than the others and their penalty taker hasn’t been out injured during that period” but in a more convoluted way. Good work stattos.


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Jul 10, 2015
Between a rock and Gibraltar
I know they have problems at CB, but the whole team looks out of sorts and to honest clueless. Maybe Mane should have just bought a wig and some super glue if his hair transplant if messing with his performances.
When your CB's are all injured and you have to play CM in CB your defence and midfield gets messed up which affects the whole team.


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Jun 4, 2011
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When your CB's are all injured and you have to play CM in CB your defence and midfield gets messed up which affects the whole team.
They sold Lovren, why did they not replace him. Can't imagine that was Klopp's idea somehow. Now what if Henderson is injured as well. Unfortunately we appear to have given them our CB injury crisis. I hope they said thank you.


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May 8, 2019
When your CB's are all injured and you have to play CM in CB your defence and midfield gets messed up which affects the whole team.
True as this may be, as far as I can tell they had 3 cb’s on the bench for Everton. Ok, 2 are young and the 3rd is that new guy from Preston, but if they’re good enough for the bench, why not start one? Henderson could have then played cm. Letting Lovren go and not replacing in a season as congested as this is poor squad management in my view.


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Jul 22, 2014
She's exceptional for a man, tbh!

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Jan 1, 2015
Split, Croatia
She's exceptional for a man, tbh!

Thanks @The Corinthian.

Anyway, they are back, took a quick look at few threads..
interesting that Billy Beanie is co-chairman of RedBall who may take a stake of 25% in FSG if it goes ahead
On commentators, pundits..

Carra is an utter sky mouthpiece...
He’s either

a) Still a bitter blue
b) Trying way too hard to be neutral in his Sky role that he’s become overly critical of us
c) Just a bit of a bell-end (see A)
d) Bitter that these players did the one thing he didn’t in his near two decades at the club and won a European Cup, and so feels like he’s being usurped as a Liverpool “legend”.
Of course it’s his own behaviour and comments that are damaging his status, not what Klopp and the team are doing. There have been a few ex players who seem to be on the defensive/insecure by what this team were doing, and never miss an opportunity to stick the boot in/revel in the team’s misfortune
He is as much of a twat as Owen none deserve our respect.
MOTD think it's a clear penalty
Murphy just brushing off whether it's a penalty or not because "it ultimately didn't matter".
I mean fecking fantastic analysis there.
Murphy really is a sad little c*nt. You weren’t fukin good enough, get over it you bitter little bastard.
The shithouse carragher is, is pretty breathtaking
Go and gob on another kid
On United..
United are a good team but are well behind City and Liverpool with an inferior manager. If we didn't have injuries they would finish atleast 10 points behind us as well.
...I don't actually know who their manager is these days... but no way could that Norwegian farmer have ever managed to get them, albeit briefly, to the top of the league- even with the massive help they've been given by the authorities this season.
On City..
Apart from anything to do with our games, my biggest joy in footy was their Aguerooooo moment. Thanks for that one!
If you seperate the off the pitch stuff, City are so irrelevant and harmless, it's hard to hate them or drum up a rivalry with them.
When it was a level playing field, they have done nothing in their past to hurt us.
This version of City is so artificial it's impossible for me to take them seriously on any level, I just thank them (as others have on here) for winning the Title over Utd (or lesser rivals Chelsea)
Now can you beat my biggest rivals tomorrow please, the jumped up feckers are chasing us for a top 4 spec, and we need your help...cheers boys!
Have this lot won more Premier League titles than Chelsea now? Very hard to care about either so it kind of all blurs into one.
They've both won 6 each now, although only 3 titles between them before the billionaire sugar daddies arrived.
There's a 50-year gap between Chelsea's 'proper' title win and when the Russian crook took over, and a 44-year wait for City before Abu Dhabi FC bought their first title.
City are so desperate to be relevant that someone has even put all the years they finished as runners-up on Wikipedia (in every competition, including the championship ).
12 titles between them, billions spent, and all completely unearned and soulless. They are both pure 'premier league' clubs in more ways than one - manufactured, money driven, desperate to be seen as having pedigree and history, and the complete opposite of a club that's grown organically over decades.
One champions league title between them is hilarious considering the money they've spent, the managers they've had, and the massive financial advantage they've had over most clubs in Europe.
Can we please have our delayed PL title parade on the same day Abu Dhabi have theirs? The sheer scale of our parade would completely overshadow them buying another title.
Swerve the delayed parade, that's been and gone now. Just win the European Cup again which over shadowed anything they done that season.
True. Another European cup this season would turn this season into a major success. With the added benefit of overshadowing whatever Abu Dhabi do.
I was thinking last night in a pessimistic way that just imagine we had a CL final this season of City v Chelsea. For the second time in my life I’d be hating myself for wanting Chelsea to win a European Cup!
Just think if City win all 3 domestic cups and then have to play us in the CL final.
That would be interesting to see United fans reaction.
I mean it would end their non stop talk of the treble if they grabbed all four.
The best thing is you have had their in the news fans gloating like Neville/Goldstein when they went top and they completely forgot about City ....brilliant.
I don’t want us to play City in the final with that on the line of course but it would be funny to see how the United media see it.
Abu Dhabi FC are only relevant in certain areas of south Manchester and Stockport. The rest of the world finds them irrelevant.
They'll sign Messi for £430 million over five season and the wage bill will somehow be lower.

They'll create a 3rd Company House to put about 80% of Messi wages there that will not be on the Turnover.

Also should put on record they are the only team in World football that have created a 2nd Company House/Entity to divert all non playing staff wages to.
... that's an expense, so it would never feature in the turnover... unless they decided to sign another in house 'sponsorship deal' to cover the cost
I would quite happy for him to go there - completely unbalance the team - get kicked mercilessly in the prem - and spend age 34 onwards there
I would love them to sign Messi...the day before we announce Mbappe!