RAWK goes into Meltdown 20/21 Edition

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May 23, 2013
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I didn't realise he had a second channel. I've loved his commentary on Liverpool losses this season, not sure I'd enjoy his take on their wins so much. He's actually a likeable guy though and enjoy his stuff.
I think he's a likeable enough bloke.


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Mar 4, 2017
Its quite evident there is a national conspiracy against our beloved Liverpool Football Club- that flick of Son's eye, the VAR people knew that this would give us an advantage so they immediately concocted a false decision with the ref, to disallow the goal. It's the only rational conclusion any normal human being can make, it if wasn't for VAR, we'd well be top or, at least only a point or two from City. And then there is the refs, all from Manchester and all with an anti-Liverpool agenda, its a disgrace this conspiracy and is as plain as day.

Delusion of the year?. :confused: :confused:

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Jan 1, 2015
Split, Croatia
Seems like our strikers have got the football equivalent of dartitis!
Trent can’t defend they say....
4 added on. It might as well be 104, we look flat and out of ideas.
FT 0-0. We’re out. Not much more to say.
Well... it was the first leg that cost us to be honest...
A good performance tonight, but not quite enough
We didn't take our chances. Simple as that. We could've won this game twice over.
Played well tonight, Madrid parked the bus, we can’t finish. A microcosm of our season really.
Couldn't hit a cow's arse with a banjo. Didn't look like scoring at all in the last 30 minutes at all.

Someone in the half time thread said it and it's true. Our problems in attack have nearly cost us as much as our problems in defense this season. Mane and Firmino have been shocking and Salah's really been the only one that's been as good as in previous seasons.

Pull ourselves up and get top four to salvage the season.
Season done. See you all next season.

First game killed us and too missed chances in the first half, then we ran out of ideas.
Never have I seen a Semi Final four where I did not want any of them to win the fecking thing.
I won't be watching a minute of it. 4 awful clubs.
Great first half. Poor second half. Should have scored a few. Typical of this season.
Good performance, bar the finishing. The tie was lost last week.
Play like that the next 7 games and we'll qualify again at a stroll.
Played pretty well.
Missed chances and the first leg performance cost us in the end.
Next year lads.
Shite in both games and deserved to go out. If you can't take chances you won't win a thing.
Fought hard tonight. RM too good in the first half of the first leg.

Depressing set of semi-finalists...
Started flaccid and ended flaccid. Depressing stuff and no more than we deserve.
FFS, can we get this season done with please.

Good first half performance, but massively disappointing we didn’t take any of our chances.
Do the players know we're allowed to take shots from outside the box??

Frustrating as feck, especially with all the missed chances in the first half.
Same as all season, a lot of pretty but tame play. About as lethal as a biscuit
A microcosm of our season, really.

There's not a lot wrong with this team and we can certainly kick on again next season by just adding a couple of players. I just hope we have CL football again.
Fans there, I reckon we win.

Kop sucks the first one in and Real shit themselves
Diabolical finishing once again. Virgil coming back is not going to fix that.
we are missing his goals from set pieces don't forget,. don't underestimate his presence in both boxes

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Jan 1, 2015
Split, Croatia
Klopp’s obsession with Wijnaldum is doing my head in
Salah, again, a top goalscorer who can't hit a barn door in a big match when the team really, really, really needs a goal.
I mean have you been blind for the last three years? Can't score in a big match?

Jesus Christ.
I just hope it's not 2023 when we get back into that competition
Robbo's form is not good at the moment, our set-pieces have been pretty poor recently.
No one will ever mention “Liverpool front 3” ever again. Toothless.
I'd rather give our clearly wrecked players a break and do well in the league next season.

8th or 9th will do nicely to steer away from those crappy European places thanks.
Absolutely ridiculous, but coming from you I'm not surprised.
We're 3 points off 4th!!!
We've pretty much got one game a week now for the rest of the season. The aim should be to win them. Only a couple more games left without a home crowd.
Can only hope PSG go and win it here. Anyone else would feel a little bitter. This was such a good draw as well. We lost the tie in the first half in Madrid. Lets push into top 4 and setup for next season now. I'll be off the socios to avoid retard talk.
Played well (should bode well for race for top 4)Van Dijk, Henderson, Gomez and Matip being out didn't alter anything tonight, bar less of a threat at corners, but it meant everything in the first leg. Fans in tonight and we win. Football in covid times is nothing like the sport we love.
If we keep playing the way we did today, we will comfortably make it to the CL next year (some of those chances will stick eventually).
They scored, we didn't. We gifted them a goal,they didn't
Am thinking Kloppo might be a little bit too loyal to certain players. When have we ever won a game with the 4 forwards (Salah, Jota, Sadio, Bobby) on the pitch all at once? It just doesn't work. They get in each other's way. Salah, again, a top goalscorer who can't hit a barn door in a big match when the team really, really, really needs a goal. Atletico last year, same thing. Bobby... Poor Bobby, I feel bad for the guy; he looks so sad these days. This has been such a shit year. It's just heartbreaking.
But we can't lose hope. Let's keep our heads held high. We'll be back.
Massively disappointing. Our shitty first leg performance allowed them to morph into our absolute nemesis, like playing Stoke with money.
Boring that. Onto next season!
We need our fans back in the stadiums ASAP! This never felt like an European night at Anfield.

Proud of the boys, YAWN!
All fart and no poo.

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Jan 1, 2015
Split, Croatia
How is qualifying for the Champions League going to feck up our season next time around?
I think without European Football we have a great chance to go and win the league again.
Europe is nice and all that, but the league is and always has been the prize.
As people have rightly said, some of the players are getting on a bit and we've had a load of injuries and our style of play seems to have done a lot of them in.
It's true also, however, that the crowd being there gees them up and Anfield on magical nights quite often helps tired legs and minds.
If I had 20 points to allocate to competitions, I'd go for
13 League
3 CL
2 Europa League
1 FA Cup
1 League Cup
This is like the recipe of turning into Arsenal.
The "Europe ruins league form" idea is one of the biggest myths in football imo.

How many Premier League winning teams weren't in Europe in the same season? Leicester?
We'd also have less money to spend while City go out and sign Kane, Messi and Haaland.

I'd rather not bother with the Europa either.

Better team went through.
Disagree, team in better form maybe.
139 shots on goal but only 3 goals at Anfield this year? Says it all, but what’s the solution?
What can I say... no desire to kick the team when they're down.
So many seasons over the past 16 years, I'd have us down to win that. This kind of comeback is our speciality, after all. Even 0-0 at half time I'd have thought we had the two goals in us. Tonight, it just felt a bit flat. I think a lot of that ultimately comes down to the lack of fans. What a weird and forgettable season.
That's football I guess. One minute you're the top of the world and the next...
Ah well. I don't even feel as gutted as all that, the whole thing has felt so stale.
for the last 16 years we'd have had a full Anfield, if any club has missed a crowd behind them it's us.
Ask Barcelona, ask Dortmund, ask Olympiaskos etc
How many times did McManaman mention their makeshift back 4 tonight and not mention our injuries once.
We battered them for 90 minutes! Just couldnt score
Who we going for then, Je Suis PSG or Franco's Fascists?
Has to be PSG. Then Madrid. I’d be amazed if Chelsea won it but I could see them getting past Madrid if they’re finishing is on point. City aren’t going to get a better chance but I really hope they choke again.
The only time we really threatened Real was with a beer bottle....

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Jan 1, 2015
Split, Croatia
Ah let’s just get this season over with. What a fecking year honestly.

Think Chelsea will beat Madrid.

Clear were his loyalties lie but the last two games he was excruciating. Wanking into his Madrid shirt at every opportunity. Absolute pathetic tool.
Yet it's Liverpool that employ the rat.
He almost single-handedly won a trophy for Liverpool before moving on to better things when we were garbage. Having a problem with him is really weird.
Gave it a good go which is all you can ask really. But fecking hell, it could have been so different with just a little more composure in front of goal. Only ourselves to blame, so frustrating.
Says a lot that Real Madrid are somehow the least objectionable club left in now. What an absolute shitshow of a semi final line-up.
This. The worlds most arrogant club with three plastic oil clubs to go with them. You couldn’t wish for a worst line up.
City, PSG, Chelsea and United the ultimate, so not far off.
I'm in the ABMC camp

Abu Dhabi
It's a choice between the fascists team, Oligarchs fun team, or 2 sets of murderous reigimes propaganda program.
To be quite frank, I'd rather stop watching football until August than choose
There's a lot of "if's" to contemplate.
Not just the if VVD & Hendo had played.
If Mo stick that early one in it would have been a frantic game.
If the Kop had been there it would have been far more intense.
If the ridiculed Philips and the aging Milner hadn't have played we may have even been mugged at home.
If we were born bluenoses we'd never, ever enjoy a CL run and a quarter final against these huge side however cnutish they are.
If we get our heads straight we'll be back again this year.
I can't fecking stand Kate Abdo and Micah Richards.


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Jul 7, 2013
So now they have to face the reality of fighting for top 4. I know so many liverpool fans who genuinely thought they were going to win it this year.

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Jan 1, 2015
Split, Croatia
Proud of the performance after the nightmare of last week.
Proud of some players who were poor last time out, but put up a better show tonight..
Proud that we tried till the end and created enough chances..
Proud that Real resembled an expensively assembled bus at times in the match..
Proud of the fact that we have had a car wreck of a season, courtesy the injury blows and still reached the last 8 of Europes top competition..
Proud of Nat Phillips for what he has shown tonight and in recent weeks..
Proud to be a Red.. tonight and every other night..

All eggs in the top 4 basket now.. At least we can focus on a single objective now..
When we really needed in the last couple of years we really created intensity. Don’t seem to have now. Lack of crowd doesn’t help
aaaah, the crooooowwwwddddd

Has to be PSG. Then Madrid.
Tend to agree. It says a lot that Real are possibly the least politically objectionable, but I can't really bring myself to hate PSG and it'd be a nice story for Poch, who I've always liked.
I can’t bring myself to like PSG! Even though i think Mbappe is a great player and personality
Im in the Madrid camp simply because they knocked us out.

Yeh we need to get fresh ideas into this team. Whether it's through new coach or new players, or change of style. Otherwise next season things aren't gonna just fix themselves.
new coach? Behave will yah


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Aug 17, 2009
Twice in 2 seasons they couldn't overturn an away defeat at the mighty Anfield. Barca was a fluke, Anfield is overrated.

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Jan 1, 2015
Split, Croatia
yea me too..
could see Atletico Madrid bidding for Phillips in summer.
As disappointing as the tie was our best 11 v their best 11 we win.
Unfortunately that want the case
Yeah, the subs were a hail mary by Klopp. He had little option by that stage to be fair, but it was all desperate stuff after that.
We desperately needed fresh legs though.
So where are these fresh ideas gonna come from?
So, this is what it feels like not to be enraged at the referees after a Liverpool match that did not go our way?
Huh?, I'd say I really prefer not taking our chances versus having them called back, reviewed and cancelled. Thank you Champions League home tie.
Good Night Traffic Light.... Good Night. Finally, i'll sleep without enmity.
on PSG
Oh, don't get me wrong, they're everything that is wrong with modern football. But I like their kits. They have a nice manager too, and they're going to win this one day. It may as well be this season.
I mean, we've had 3 months at least to change it. I think it comes down to not so much whether we can change it, but whether the coaching staff wants it changed.

The system doesn't seem to be working out anymore. We've (mostly) kept with it all season, even the high line, and are in 6th in the league table as a result. For example, if we had adopted a lower line, we'd probably turn those losses against the Burnley type teams into draws, and would be in 4th now as a result. So maybe the lesson we gotta learn is to adapt and change the system rather than stubbornly sticking to something that doesn't work.
Just because something is successful in the past doesn't mean it will be in the future. Just look at Mourinho and his methods.
We were top of the League at Xmas.


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Feb 12, 2014
Guys, they were to save football tonight but the darkness won. Stop taking the mick, it's football that is the real loser now!