RAWK goes into meltdown 22/23 - THE DARWIN AWARD


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Jun 2, 2009
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A reminder of my credentials.- I should add that I was responsible for tehe RAWK thread when they finally won the EPL but you might also remember me summoning a world wide pandemic to piss on their cornflakes. They never did get to celebrate that one.

Let’s hope this is another frustrating year for them.

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Jan 28, 2022
:lol: If that catches on I am going to piss myself everytime I hear it.
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Aug 26, 2021
Even though they had a relatively good season last year it was still fun seeing all their dreams crushed in the last day.


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May 4, 2009
Hope to see this thread bumped more often this season…


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Nov 25, 2018
Has anyone else noticed that Klopp's teeth are getting whiter with every passing season in England? Distinctly remember them being very yellow when he was in Germany. Either that or it was the colour of Dortmund's shirt.


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Dec 16, 2013
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Has anyone else noticed that Klopp's teeth are getting whiter with every passing season in England? Distinctly remember them being very yellow when he was in Germany. Either that or it was the colour of Dortmund's shirt.
Definitely used to blind opposing goalkeepers during penalties.

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Jan 1, 2015
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32 Fulham have scored, although the game should have been stopped after Hendo had his ankle stepped on. Mitrovic has scored.

Yeah, Madley should have blown for the foul on Hendo. That said, our defending wasn't great - that was a pretty regulation cross.
Dive from Mitrovich but it will be given as penalty.

VAR reviewing, Ref gave it.
There didn't appear to be any clear contact there
Well that was a bit shit.

Needless to say that was a poor decision and I'd love to see anyone give us a penalty like that this season
Ref gave it onfield. Not a 'clear and obvious' error, blah blah.
If he'd not given it, VAR would not have sent him to give it.
So another fail by the officials all round.
Frustrating and guess whose just taken over the referees?
Excellent little diver is young Mitrovich.
Officials buying everything he's selling
Despite time wasting from the Fulham players the ref blows on 95 mintue's. 2-2.
Title gone
Cant be dropping points to promoted sides. We should have learnt that lesson last season
Well surely we can't play any worse than that this season. That's about it as far as positives go.
Desperate stuff. fecking hell
Really, really poor. Some of those players owe a good week of training because that’s going to be nowhere near good enough this season.
fecking crap, couldn't string a pass together, stupid decisions made throughout the game. Shouldn't be relying on generous VAR calls to beat the relegation dross.
Shades of Brentford last season. Surely we buy a midfielder now? We’re down to 3 senior midfielders
Only positive from that is we didn't lose. Shite result, shite performance, shite reffing and an injury to Thiago. Great.
Nothing wrong with that. I don’t think Fulham will play that well again this season, they fully deserved the draw.
Hopefully we get up to speed soon because we were dreadful in parts. Looked half asleep for most of it. Some strangely poor performances out there. Mitrovic bossed VVD.
The manager has been saying from the start that we are not ready so why are you surprised? Did people really think he was saying it for affect?
Why are we not ready?
Just me or was that pen a clear dive?
Virgil boinked his knee, you can see it on the replays from the angle of the keeper
He makes the most of it but it’s a pen. Salah probably wouldn’t get it but the rest of our team would
That penalty is a disgrace and a yellow for simulation
Last season we threw the title away before Christmas with shyte draws, here we go again.
You can't play catch up with city.
Christ, what an embarrassing post after 90 minutes of a season
Well it’s true. The league is fecked so much that this result massively reduces our chances of the title
If that was in the other box we would not get a penalty
Every small side we play treats it like their cup final and just go's through the motions playing City it's getting really tiresome.
To be fair, it is a more high profile game against us
Goes with the territory of being who we are I'm afraid, we can't have it both ways. We rightly brag about how we are the greatest legit team in the land and City are just a nothing club who have bought success with blood money. Opposition players and fans no doubt think the same and is reflected in the different way they treat games against us and City. We are by far the biggest scalp, simple as that.
Were we watching different games? Virgil hung his leg out, caught his knee, then pulled it back. Mitrovic made a massive meal of it, but there was contact, 100%.
Doesn't have to be a penalty just because your skin touched someone elses you know.
That was pretty shit. Didn't turn up and also one of our key players got injured.
Very disappointing start to the season.
All I can think about is how shit that pen was
There’s nothing else in my head. How shit or good we were
That should be a 2-1 win. That’s all there is
imagine this place if we'd lost that game
Get a grip people - it's a long, long season.
When you're competing with City every single point counts. It's not like 20 years ago where 80 points won the league. Every point we drop could be massive IF we want to win the league and not just get top 4.
I’d advise you not to go on Twitter if you think it’s bad in RAWK
City will drop points against West Ham so all will be good and we start again next week
I’ll have a guess

Everton fans ‘they’ve been found out, asthma cheats’
United fans ‘haha theyre shit again thank feck come on City’
City fans ‘we should cruise league’
Arsenal/Spurs ‘we may have a chance to win league this year you know’
Chelsea fans ‘I hate liverpool’ followed by something racist, xenophobic and over the top abusive or all 3
If I'm not mistaken we've played an away game against Marco Silva five times and not won a single one of them. Against five really shit line ups too. Baffling.
Interesting - could be timing of fixtures / coincidence … but the one thing he does do as a manager is press high and commit people up the pitch.. never our favourite thing to play against
Is that the first time Klopps ever questioned the players attitude?
He’s right to … some of the more experienced players were complacent from the first whistle
Would not want to be them in training this week
Definitely done that before
Good ol' Atletico Fulham. Shithousery at it's best.


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Jan 20, 2010
May I ask what is with this not a pen bullshit, clear contact to his knee a clear pen every day of the week.