RAWK Goes Into Meltdown - Quadruple Watch 2022/23

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May 9, 2019
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No way can they compare Bruno and Mitrovic :lol: this man was ready to kill.

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Jan 1, 2015
Split, Croatia
Semi draw
The two Manchester clubs avoiding each other
Entirely unpredictable.
They don't even bother pretending nowdays
Statistically they were more likely to avoid each other.
Any good reason to watch Utd-Fulham?
The hope will probably kill ya!
Maguire is playing - he's often good for a comedy moment?
City might as well just get a bye to the final every year
It’s seems every time they get a hard draw in domestic competition then they go out.
Arsenal eight clear is good

Maguire still as shit as ever I see.
He cost 80 million.
Will never not be funny.
One of the worst transfers ever.
All Fulham.
So you know what’s coming.
They really are dominating. Man Utd really don't look that much more impressive than last season despite their results.
Brighton will beat either in the semis anyway.
Awful game this. Both teams can’t pass the ball.
I thought Fulham looked quite tidy.
Fulham deservedly lead.

But will probably be disallowed knowing these c*nts.
Well done VAR. Finally proof there's no corruption in England.
They try that 'there was a foul' routine after every goal they concede, usually as they go down like a sack of shit and get the free kick.
Did Rashford survive?
Uses the same faith healer as Fernandes.
Palinha is one of the best defensive midfielders in Europe, so underrated.
He’s amazing and their record with him is great.
That Anthony is a prick.
Twice Antony kicks out at someone. Not even a foul.
Sancho is crap.
Massive waste of money, don't expect to hear that from the UK media though as he's not from Uruguay
Maguire literally pushes player over and moans.
Incinden I have not seen yet, bloody river... Anyway..
Ooo Willian handball

Red and pen that

feck sake
fecking stupid handball.
Surrounding the ref - again!
This red is a joke
Despite being second best all game United out of jail .
How many pens do they get its proper bent
Wait what
Mitrovic ?
Oh, so you do get red cards for pushing officials? Who knew?
Manc Ref.

Any surprise at all?
Yeah - two off

Fernandes did same thing at Anfield and not cautioned
Ref is in fecking meltdown, doing everything Howard Webb wants now
There's a surprise. Mitrovic suspended for our game potentially, depending on when it is.
Was a pen. An added extra sending off as a little bonus for every referee’s favourite side.
fecking stat padder has been abysmal n’all.
Thought they got rid of the double jepordy rule?
Manchester ref, who would have guessed
Why on Earth are Manc refs continously appointed to referee their games?, there's so much potential for conflicts of interest.
They all support random non league sides in the vicinity.

Be fair - don’t most people you know who grew up in Manchester in the 80s and 90s support Altrincham and Aldershot?!
Most of the refs are from Manchester so there'd be nobody left if they couldn't ref their games. I thought Kavanagh may have been a City fan seeing as he was the VAR for Everton-City last season and Spurs-Liverpool.

Ferguson pretty much handpicked his own referees.
I think it’s a penalty and a red card. Mitrovic only himself to blame.

They were in complete control Fulham
So stupid by Mitrovic, still had a chance to hold out for pens with 10 men

And off it goes. Twats
feck sake. No one else gets these decisions , you’d think he’d have booked mitrovic
Fernandes literally did same thing at Anfield a couple of weeks ago.
Braindead from Mitrovic but ironically Willian would have been so much better letting the ball go in. He wasn't to know that though and the game is basically beyond them with 10 men let alone 9.

Would certainly fancy Brighton's chances of making the final though.
Clearly offside

Be funny if Fulham just kicked off and then stood there as someone suggested the other week

What's the ref going to do? Send them all off?
Special ref performance for special club, just like back in the day
But it’s a penalty and red card.
The inconsistent is the issue though - Mitrovic did what Fernandes did and he wasn’t booked.
Anthony commits two bookable offences since coming and neither are fouls.
So what you're saying is that if that exact thing had happened at the other end, the same thing would have resulted? If a player had pushed and official wearing a Manchester United shirt he'd have been sent off? If the Manchester United manager had moaned at the ref he'd have been sent off?

You're talking rubbish mate. Never, ever would have seen two United fans and their manager all sent off at once.
Anyone saying this sport isn't bent needs their head checked. They don't even try and hide it now.
Chris Cavanagh: Born in Manchester. Refereeing Manchester United.

It's unreal how anyone is surprised.

Been as bent as feck for decades.
Kavanagh also tried everything possible on VAR to rule our goals out at Newcastle, when it was perfectly clear on first viewing there was nothing wrong with them.
Matterface is such a c*nt.

Beyond astonishing they binned off Clive Tyldesley for this prick.
Wan Bissaka is such a poor player.

£50m for someone who plays like Stephen Wright or Abel Xavier.
Ffs only started to watch cos they were losing
Forgot what a despicable bunch of c*nts they are

Habit of winning ffs
2 weeks ago they were smashed to bits
Anyone check the United payroll lately?
Again they play like absolute dog shite and spawn a win
Just hope Brighton smash them - there luck must surely run out
I’d prefer City to beat them in the final
Or Brighton win the cup so beat both
FA will want a city-united final. If Brighton look like winning they will get fecked over.
Have hardly watched a game all season and this is why. It’s borderline reality tv.
The Truemanc Show.

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Jan 1, 2015
Split, Croatia
Mitrovic was a dickhead but as has been pointed out there is no way on earth that if that was a Utd player and manager doing what they did they would have been sent off. The Fernandes incident with the linesman at Anfield proves that …
I don't think there's any comparison to be honest mate.
Fair enough if you don’t think Fernandes shouldn’t have been sent off at Anfield for man handling an official
It wasn't man-handling
Fernandes wasn’t even booked tho
Hang on, I'm not saying he shouldn't have been booked at Anfield. There's no comparison to each of their actions though.
The standard of officiating is fecking appalling and the thing is you won’t have to wait long for a Utd player to do what Mitrovic has done ..It will happen the next time they’re losing and feck all will be done or said about it


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Jan 3, 2009
They talk like we don’t get red cards :lol:

They’re actually mental making out like it was the ref that changed the game and not Fulham losing the plot.

And weirdly obsessed with the Bruno incident in a game they won 7-0.

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One of them actually seems to be half-sensible pointing out that Mitro shoving and squaring up to the ref was nothing like Bruno at Anfield.

There was a couple of seconds there where I thought Mitrovic was actually going to take a swing at the Kavanagh.

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Mar 27, 2021
A muppet red scum wants city to prevent us from wining the FA Cup :lol:

He's scared as hell!



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Apr 11, 2015
Football isn't just passing and scoring around, its also about holding your nerve and getting over the line keeping things together when things don't go your way. And thats why fulham lost yesterday. RAWK is as usual over reacting.


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Jan 23, 2021
I’m genuinely curious where that lot think the ‘bent’ referees have been the last decade?

Would we have been fighting relegation every season had the refs not kept us perennially fighting for top 4?


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Jul 7, 2013
It would really get them if ETH could replicate their 2001 treble in his first season.

Herschel Krustofsky

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Oct 12, 2020
Balanced perspectives
This thread is much less funny now we have our own cabal of whoppers claiming the same evil forces are working against us.

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Jan 1, 2015
Split, Croatia
The first stupid mistake was Willian, let them score id still have backed Fulham at 1-1. Mitrovic was stupid too but he’d never get a red for that against any other team, he’d get a yellow and a stern warning.
Ridiculous statement. He assaulted the ref, ref was spot on.
You may well be correct in this case, but it's the sheer inconsistencies week in and week out, what's a red card this week, won't even warrant a VAR check next week, all of the teams in the league are supposed to be subject to the same rules, although as we all know some are more equal than others.
Absolutely, and I agree on that, but to suggest either card was up for debate today was ridiculous. This was a case of the rules being applied correctly, I'm not sure what all the drama is about in this case to be honest.

In the case of Fernandes vs us, i agree he deserved a red, but the assistant fecked it by putting his hands on the rat first. Tjat was a loophole and rats love loopholes.
He was stopping Fernandes from assaulting Trent
He could have been sent off several times in our game including when he went down holding his face. That was a yellow on it's own. Trying to crock Trent was another yellow. Shoving the lino was yet another yellow and he jumped in a few times so any of those could have been a yellow too. Even in this game he was running up to the ref and screaming and him and the lino. Deffo a few yellows worth of dissent and yet.. nothing.
The rules are not applied consistently.
:lol: there is no talking to you mate. It's not a yellow card offense to act like a dick when someone's trailing arm hits you. Its just pathetic.

I agree he could have been sent off, as could Shaw, who had at least two shocking tackles. But the linesman issue was resolved- he had his hands on the player which you cannot do. Claiming he was going to assault Trent is a bit rich, given your definition issues.

I see your definition of assault is that if it's against our players, its assault, if it's a ref, its just bantz lad, jeez, calm down.

Absolutely no objectivity possible with you Andy!
Officials have put their hands on players to break them up since I've started watching football. They even put their hands on them to stop them taking corners quickly. What you can't do is push an official in the back because you're a petulant little rat who doesn't like being embarrassed.
Precisely, neither can you feign injury. It’s not just “pathetic” it’s a yellow card.
If that law were to be enforced properly, we would be seeing matches abandoned left right and centre.
Don't think you'd find lots of fans who would be against that
Assaulted :lol:
What is it then?
I'd say if he punched him or booted him then that's an assault

Did he hurt the referee in any way whatsover?
I mean, I've seen you of all people use that term for a bad tackle, mate. This was an actual act of aggression against the ref. It is an assault. The ref is within his rights to request Mitrovic gets a longer ban than the three he earned here, this is why refs are being attacked and intimidated around the country.
And yet the FA decided to take zero action against rat face,that was the whole point of North Banks post.
Seen a few refs pushed and manhandled. Should have been a yellow with a stern warning to calm down.

Given how biased the ref was all game, it's not really surprising the Fulham players were angry.
The FA rigged the draw so United play every game at home. Fulham denied 2 clear pens. The second goal is offside and the lines are adjusted to let it stand. The FA bricking it that 9 man Fulham could embarrass them.

Just the usual stuff to try get them to win the FA cup.
Ah lad :lol:

Whatever about the way the two mancs keep getting the draws, I'm afraid altering the laws of physics for goals is still beyond the FA. Can we not slip into utter One flew over the cuckoos nest style madness on this one?
Yeah agree. The second was a clear offside. No surprise that it didn't get ruled out. Just a long line of 'strange' decisions throughout that game. Thought Fulham had a stonewaller turned down as well - and VAR again didn't bother checking it.

At least 5 decisions were harsh and went against Fulham. All of them could have turned the game. Kavanagh looked as dodgy as feck, but then again it's every game now.
I don’t know how anyone can not see how the refs are bent.
Was always a “surely not” for me until last year with the City decision against Everton and the Spurs game against us. Not a doubt in my mind now.
That Spurs game, fecking hell how Englands brave Sir Harry Kane wasn't sent off for that two footed assault still bewilders me.
They were both Kavanagh (on VAR). Only surprised he didn't find something to rule out those goals at Newcastle for us (he certainly tried).
The worst of Mitrovic's behaviour was after he got the red card though?
Are you possibly mixing up the two reds mate?

Didn't catch it live but thanks to the legendary oojason I've seen it (perfect video of the time yuo're mentioning below) - he fully deserves the red for what he does before the ref gets his card out his pocket (for the second time). Everything else he does after that is probably going to get his ban extended beyond the usual length.
Quote from: oojason
'Alternate angle of Mitrovic and Marco Silva red card' - https://dubz.co/video/fffb7e
They were both reds and decisions were right

One handball cost them the entire game.

If we start saying it's bent because of this it's Everton territory. My only problem is Fernandes can push about refs at will.
Thats the whole point isnt it....? Its not bent because in isolation someone got sent off for a handball on the line against United, and someone got sent off for pushing an official against United. Its because that happened a week after someone didn't get sent off for a handball on the line against us, and two weeks after someone didn't get sent off for United against us for pushing an official.
I see that dickhead Chris Sutton is calling for a 10 game ban now...
Which is a bit rich seeing as DiCanio got nine games for actually pushing a ref over ...Then again it was against Utd so the punishment has to be more
If he'd punched Kavanagh i'd offer him the freedom of Liverpool. The Manc twat is as bent as a 9 bob note and cost us a league title with his corruption.

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Jan 1, 2015
Split, Croatia
Spurs: fecking useless, managed by a snide little Playmobil haired gimp

I reckon they’ll get Poch back.
And there will be a collective amnesia about how shit they’d been for months under him before he got the boot.
Tuchel is my guess.
Him and Levy would be premium level entertainment
A completely pointless club.

Kane scoring all those goals and failing to win a single thing is one of the funniest things in football.
Danish media is reporting that they're interested in Thomas Frank. I hope he stays with Brentford.
Zero chance he turns down Spurs if they go for him. And it's probably wise choice for a step up, going to a top club that will likely give him a bit of time and without huge expectations.

It's what Graham Potter should have held out for.
You reckon? Depends where his ambitions lie I guess and obviously it’s a ‘bigger’ club but aside from Klopp he’s probably got the most goodwill from his supporters and probably the safest job in the league. If he gets them into Europe this season he might choose to stay even if offered the Spurs job. Maybe I’m being naive!
I wouldn’t say zero chance. Potter has got to be a pretty cautionary tale and Frank has already pretty openly dismissed links to other clubs who also would have been a pretty big step up.
Yeah but Potter's situation at Chelsea isn't going to be the same as at Spurs. If I was Frank I'd be looking at what Pochettino did there under similar circumstances.

If Frank turns down Spurs, what exactly would be a good and realistic step up for him?
Richarlison to Spurs was a pointless transfer. I didn't understand why he was transferred as he is clearly not a Conte player and no way he can play with Son and Kane.
Spurs aren't called the Everton of London for nothing, though.

Spurs' biggest claims to fame of recent years is losing a CL final, losing a League Cup final, and finishing above Liverpool for five years. That's it. They're perennial underachievers; they finished third in a two horse race, and saw Liverpool leapfrog them to CL and PL glory.

They have the same chronic problem as Everton - they want to be seen as a big club but have a small club mentality. They're best period in recent history has been when other, traditionally big hitter clubs have fallen on tough times, and even then they've failed to capitalise on those moments.
I wonder if they could share their trophy room with Everton?
Arsenalfan said:
They’re singing Pochettino’s name at the games. A manager that has won them the grand total of feck all. Some glory years they had under him.
At least they played a better football winning feck all...
At least their football was watchable under him. Anyway, your manager is not much better, and is a bigger moaning prick than Pochettino ...
Arsenalfan said:
But he wins things
Things means plural, he's won a single FA Cup.
Arsenalfan said:
I see you’ve erased our great community shield victory from your memory, probably because we beat you in it . Innit.
feck me, even David Moyes won one of them. :D
He was the chosen one to be fair:D
If they finish top 4 again, thats 2 seasons of Conte and both times finishing in CL places, hed be as successful as any spurs manager in the last 30 years , so should be offered another contract, I dont think hed take it, and Kane is probably off either way.

Conte's meltdown this weekend

Don't know what it worse? This or Conte walking into Levy's office and taking a massive shit on his desk in his lap?

Served with a cheese board
great storyline playing out.
Hate Spurs love their manager, absolutely slaughtering them!
The 'Lads, it's Tottenham ' speech except delivered by the Tottenham manager
Need a documentary on this, the amounts of twists and turns every week are mad.
Netflix is working on new original series, I'm sure.
We must be pretty shite to be behind this fecker and his mentally fecked players.
only behind them for so long, he knows we’ll get our act together. We usually do.
Up until the Bournouth loss which can happen in this league, we were 4 wins from 5 and one was 0-0 away to palace. All clean sheets aswell including a record win v the all conquering United side

Our act is together. It's not the together everyone is used to over the last 5 years but it's good enough to challenge spurs and Newcastle

The over reaction to the bournemouth result is getting a bit nauseating.
I dont know if actually they are quite mentally strong. They get told every week by their manager they are shit and yet they are still fourth.
Them Richarlison tears :lol:

He loved a cry him, knobhead.
He's feckin battered evrey Spurs player for the past two and a half decades for doing nothing at the club and achieving nowt,. :D
And Daniel Levy too. “Tottenham's story is this. 20 years there is the owner & they never won something. Why?”

Beginning to like him to be honest
fecking hell, he's gone full Ronaldo
Remember Chiellini said "This is the history of the Tottenham"? :D
Love the accent , straight out of the godfather “you receive maaney, capisce, havent I always taken care of you , huh, you no care about this family, you’re nothing to me now”
He's better than Spurs
Almost everything is.
Blaming the players and the club’s philosophy, isn’t his job to get the players wining
Have you seen which club he's the manager of :lol:

Watched his comments, I see not a single lie. He isn't the first to point this stuff out either
Conte dropped a wwe style pipebomb promo on Spurs. Loved it.
I love that Levy and the Spurs board have looked at the press conference where Conte said 'the board's been there 20 years and have won nothing, maybe you should take a look at them' and said 'well, he wasn't saying anything that could warrant dismissal, it's really directed at the players'.

Conte probably has his flight back home to Italy this week booked and all. What a bunch of beta *****.

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Jan 1, 2015
Split, Croatia
The Seven Ted Mauling thread

"Well that's the cup final won, time to put our feet up" - Liverpool and United
Must've been a change this year from your cup final of the last 5 or so years, Manchester City vs Liverpool?
Now everyone is scrambling to say they were never challenging for the title. 3 weeks after pretty much announcing them as the unstoppable form team in Europe, with a chance of winning 4 trophies…
Losing 7-0 to your hated enemy does that ☺
I said it'd take a massive Arsenal collapse and a historically low points total to open it up for them which was always a long shot.

And that it was ultimately down to Arsenal and City to stop them winning the other 2.
Hilarious dive by England's Sweetheart, no booking because reasons, definitely not a massive cheating bell
I actually don't think it was a dive. Not a pen either.

His foot get a small tap from the goalies leg (who has pulled out the challenge and Rashford overran it), that makes him kick his own leg and fall. It can happen when running at speed. Not a dive, not a pen, just play on.

Ming The Merciless younger shitter brother is moaning about Tony Taylor at OT

You couldn't make it up

He tried to give pumpkin head a yellow for that assault yesterday
It's little things like that where he hides his corruption. Remember when Pogba two footed Keita and he only gave a yellow for that and VAR had to tell him to give a straight red?
Who is the Ming the Merciless comparison referring to?
Erik se7en Hag

Ming the Merciless

Brian Blessed playing Luke Shaw I heard.
Luke Shaw ate Brian Blessed I heard.
Nasty challenge from the Brazilian Flamini.
Two red cards now this season and could easily be a couple more.
Violent player who regularly got away with murder in La Liga and CL. I guess his reputation is finally making its way here.
premier league is too fast for him
don't forget he's an auld fella and has got that massive pumpkin head to carry around
Whenever I watched him for Real Madrid i'd be wondering how he either wasn't sent off or at least booked on several occasions in the match. Real wouldn't have won as many CL's as they did if he wasn't given license to foul with impunity and it was his aggression, particularly under Zidane, that gave the platform for Kroos and Modric to dictate the game.
The fact he's getting loads of cards for United in the PL with the favouritism they get says a lot. He'd be carded every game playing for us.
He's 31 now as well and will be losing a bit of sharpness. It's worked out for them this season overall but it wasn't a sensible buy on a long term contract for a big fee and wages. It was great business for Real.
United will write off the league now, unless we can really pile the pressure on, and concentrate on the 2 cups.

Same shenanigans as Barcelona have been getting up to?
Misses the FA Cup, Saudi and Brentford games, that'll hurt them.
And Everton at home.

4 match ban as it's his 2nd Red card.
I think Casemiro was a tad unfortunate it was a late tackle. Around a week late, if he had done that to Mo last week he would have probably won the free kick in that situation.

These c*nts getting rid of the Glazers and our time wasters staying put after we were put up for sale first may be the final nail in the coffin of the shittiest season in a long long time.
New owners will improve their stadium, training ground etc.

They can’t possibly spend any more on signings than the Glazers though. There really won’t be that much of a difference.
I hope you're right, pal. Can only think of them getting Bellingham, Mbappe, all those types of players now.
Bellingham is exactly the type of player they’ve always signed.
Sadly I think Liverpool have got him. There's too much smoke around it for there not to be fire
Maybe. But you’ve got Sancho.
Money always talks. Belly will follow the money, even if his heart doesn't want to. And that's because our offer will not exceed £100m (whereas others' will) and the salary offer will be lower.
Ferdinand now saying we are a small club for celebrating the win over them. I recall him giving it the big one pre match saying it was the most confident he’s been in 7 years! Fantastic :D
We weren't even celebrating the win per se, more taking the fecking piss out of them for being a laughing stock yet again.
He was banging on a window when Rangers went 1-0 up against us a few weeks ago and then we bet them 7-1. He is the very definition of a feckin eejit.
Ferdinand is the poster boy for peopl (like me) who believe that vast majority of professional athletes are as thick as 2 short planks.
His gobshite c*nt of a mate ran the fecking length of the OT pitch to celebrate a goal that bellend scored in front of our fans, yet we're a small club
feck off Rio you blert
Was t he one of the ones singing “without killing anyone” after winning the UCL, instead of celebrating the team you play for, singing about a rival. If’s that’s not the definition of small time, I don’t know what is.
The Rio Ferdinand who banged his fist on the table and claimed Ole's at the wheel. That Rio Ferdinand?
Wobbly Gob is always good for some absolutely horrendous footballing opinions, and this is another one. If it was the other way round he would be prancing round a swimming pool in his skimpies with Ronaldo for 5 days straight.
Rio Ferdinand is a fecking c*nt, why VVD sat down with him for an interview I'll never know. Hope someone decks him, he's genuinely not a nice person.
There's lots of evidence supporting that, I posted something about him a few years ago on here that's more or less an open secret, I was rebuked about it, but if you search for him on Google with "affair" then you'll see, he was also involved in that dodgy episode with Lampard and a few other arseholes on England u-21 duty in Ayia Napa, just a rotten shithouse of a person.
He also told my son to 'feck off' in a bar when my lad asked him if he'd enjoyed the game after we'd beaten Man United.
He seems to have stepped up the anti-Liverpool stuff in the last couple of weeks. I wonder what event could have happened to 7rigger this

So in the last two games we've gained two points on Utd.

How crap are they? And what are they doing in third?
3 points at Anfield helped :(
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