RAWK Goes Into Meltdown - Quadruple Watch 2022/23


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Nov 23, 2019
Man Utd
Can we get Channel 5 to show the Europa League games again just for this season? Please?

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Jan 1, 2015
Split, Croatia
United - Chelsea
Jesus that defending...

It's onside.
was never a free kick
Clearly off and never a free kick, a classic Manchester United goal
Lindeloff is offside and clearly blocking the defender, how is he not involved in play?
Never doubted it would be given.
How shit is that from Havertz
Chelsea are unbelievably bad
How long did they sign mudryk for
8 1/2 years.
Chelsea’s attacking is appalling how many over hit passes or failure to get past some trashy United defender?
How the feck was that onside? What the feck was that VAR angle? Utter nonsense
Chelsea are fecked. Might as well just give up now.
what's going on with casemiro's cheeks? does he keep nuts in them?
Yes Fernandes
The two teams with the worst striker options in the league going head to head to let the ball bobble over their feet time and time again. Liquid football.
Chelsea spreading their legs constantly for United.
Is Antony crying?
He could have been killed
Pretty sure it's Nani
Someone ring an ambulance for Antony. He's in dire need of medical assistance
Bet he will be fine
Without a doubt. Hate to wish injury on a player so I’ll say nothing….

Has he even been touched?
Nani are you ok? Are you ok Nani?

(I'm not watching)
Bought a stretcher on and he gets up

Looked so weird on replay
Even his teammates are ignoring him
Really weird cos he didn't get touched or twist anything looking at the replay.
I liked how he was claiming a foul before remembering he got hurt.
Now there's no Anthony for the cup final

A slice of luck for them
Hurt himself diving. That'll learn him.
Looked like a total dive. Mustve done his karma ligament.
Hope it's not too bad an injury but feck did I enjoy seeing him crying.
Bruno Fernandes expressing concern there.

"Mate, that's excellent acting.

. ..wait, its acting, right?
Of course it Casemiro saving United at the end of the season. I hate Real so much. They feck us over while they are not even playing us.
Good god.

That is almost match fixing levels of shocking.
Havertz is like, shit now
Must have missed the part that he was good...
That’s a yellow card for Rat Face for diving if it’s not a pen
Their Captain.
Imagine Salah doing even 1% of the shit Fernandez gets away with.
Other than the badge on his chest how’s that c*nt not been booked for that sham?
Dislocated shoelace
I think it was my fault. I brushed past the telly.
Lampards a coward
He's amazing.Amazingly shit.
He's done enough now to completely light his CV for top level management on fire forever surely
We haven't deserved top 4, because we simply weren't good enough for so much of the season. But jesus it's hard to watch United and see how rubbish they are time after time and know they'll finish above us. I feel like they're shit every time I watch them and Chelsea should be level here.

If we revert to even 70% of our previous levels, we'll easily be back above them next season.
Mudryk is basically a slow fat Baldrick
Less cunning and less plan
Mudryk is Markovic 2.0
Mudryk is the biggest flop since John Holmes.
Biggest fraud since Elizabeth Holmes.
Mudryk’s looks like he’s won a competition to play tonight
If Chelsea had a single player that could score a goal on the pitch (or at the club) they'd be four up.
It’s hard to believe that Ten Hag is Dutch, United are so predictable and uninteresting.
Cant believe we failed to beat this Chelsea team this season, they are dire.
Chelsea have no interest in scoring and I have no idea how this United side are top four.
I'm sure Lampards post match comments would be how they battered Utd and should have won with better finishing
Is Lampard the worst premier league manager ever?
But he has a GCSE in Latin.
Going on AGAIN about “the number of games Manchester United have had”. We played every single fecking game last year. Not a peep. Constant gaslighting is this football media.
Gary Neville's talking even more nonsense than usual. Think he needs another mini-retirement.
It’s mad he’s allowed to commentate on their games.


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Aug 13, 2009
Mumbai, India
Liverpool fans were really thinking we will bottle 1 point from the last 2 home games! Hahahaha

this was over the moment we managed to score against Bornemouth, and they couldn’t find a winner in 15 mins if extra play.


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Nov 7, 2021
Seeing the scouse whine about referee bias never fails to amuse me.

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Jan 1, 2015
Split, Croatia
Eddie Murphy 2-0
How are they 2 up

Jesus Christ
Offside surely??
Boehly should spend another half a billion to get it right,the last one did wonders for them.
How’s that not been checked?? He looks half a yard off side???
Something tells me you don't know the rules
Just watched it again lolol. My hatred literally made me see it as a forward pass. I may have went full Everton.
Shows how shite we’ve been to be behind this Utd side as they’re nothing special at all
How the feck we drew with these c*nts twice
Chelsea would have been relegated if Lampard had been in charge all year, if you add his performance at Everton to that at Chelsea, it's shocking
Just think, we were relying on Chelsea to beat United AND Newcastle
Fa cup finals going to be funny
Cricket score. Sounds like that car crash Malacia will be starting as well now. Would like to see Maguire get a run out too.
Rashford is every bit the cheat Kane is
Rashford diving again. Nothing said about it. No replay
No booking.
Where would United be without Casemiro? Probably floating around 8th.
Where would they be without their refs? Probably about 17th
Just remarkable what a fecking disgraceful excuse for a manager Lampard is.

His own vanity led to him taking this job, but I think he’s now ‘Tim Sherwooded’ himself into being unemployable
For one of the top clubs with a top tier budget it takes some going to finish bottom half (maybe even 13th). We've been shite all season and finish 5th. Spurs have been horrendous all season and could still finish 7th last day and qualify for Europe. United were brutal all last season and finished 6th. 14/15 we were shocking for most of the season and I think finished 6th.

We've had our share of poor PL seasons but have never finished lower than 8th. We would have had Hodgson stayed but Kenny was able to steady things, Lampard has been truly hopeless.
Shows how shite we’ve been to be behind this Utd side as they’re nothing special at all
As I always say though we need to be a lot better than United to finish above them given the favours they get (and we get Manc refs every week). The table doesn't lie is always a fallacy when it comes to them.

We should be a lot better than them though and haven't been consistently.
United have been dreadful in this match. I'm baffled as to how they keep picking up results.
Well they are winning due to an offside not given and a freekick that wasn't a foul./

Yet another game influenced by the officials clearly in their favour.

Not even worth being arsed now. It's literally every game and literally every week.

If these officials are honest, then they are the worst refs and linos ever to serve the game of football. You'd be embarrased to see officiating as bad as this between the Dog and Duck and the Duke of Wellington on a turd filled park on a shitty rainy day with a crowd of 3 people and a sickly looking dog.
Do you have a PHD in hyperbole?
Some lovely excuses by the unbiased Neville as to why that wasn't a pen
"Casemiro doesn't even move".

I mean, other than sticking his foot out directly into the Chelsea players path, yeh he didn't move
It was a stonewall pen.
Casemiro clotheslines Gallagher in the box...

"He just runs into Casemiro's arm there" - Rat Face, 2023.
Wait that’s a pen?
Haha two pens ignored for Chelsea, not for United though

Where would they be without the refs
What a joke giving that amd not the others
United players trying to start fights to look hard in front of the fans
Chelsea are an absolute mess… good to see if it wasn’t the other c*nts pummelling them

Also mental how we’re finishing below this pile of shite. We’ve had a shocker of a season.
They've been poor but the ref has been a disgrace. A PK at 2-0 makes a big difference.
Nah I'm not having the ref here sorry

Chelsea are laughable trying in the final 3rd
De Gea is another 'hold me back' waller

This United team is littered with them
Chelsea are terrible.

Genuinely, is Lampard the worst manager in PL history?
I’d say with what he has to work with yes has to be the answer.

It’s ok though he will have his media mates defending him but an owner employ him again surely.

I’ve not put myself through the match been watching the darts which has been very good !
Nope he’s fully cooked. There’s no chance of him getting a job anywhere again and that’s saying something considering the managerial merry go round of English football
I meant not employ him !

Somebody probably will be daft enough to ask him be funny if he appears as a pundit

The guy has a win record on a par with the San Marino manager
No clean sheet for the fake hard nut
Fofana is pretty feckhaha
Reminds me of another former Leicester great...
Lampard reminds me of a mate of mine when he gets pissed

Sat there grinning into space
If only Lampard could've been 1% less shit

Hedve posdibly got another 2/3 weeks at Everton and that would've been enough
I don’t mind if we miss out on Mount, but I do wonder what Klopp could mould Loftus Cheek into, for example
Does anyone want Mount? He's absolute dogshit. If he wasn't English people wouldn't even mention him
Oh well. That's that then. Was hoping it might go to the last day and make it interesting but feck lampard and his incompetence
What's the weather like in Dublin at the end of May?
On this night we left the champions league

I will bump this post and quote this in exactly a year.

We will all be in a better mood. Believe it