Realistically - close to 15 outfield-players will leave in the next 2 years


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Jun 1, 2008
Looking at our current squad, it's huge. Not counting goalkeepers we have 27 players including the 3 youngsters Gomes, Chong and Greenwood. Ideally that number should probably be around 22-23. And 6-7 players are bound to go either because of age or because they are considered surplus (Rojo, Darmian, Young, Mata, Sanchez, Matic and TFM) - in addition Pogba is likely to leave. But realistically, that is only half of the players who realistically would have to leave in the next 3 transfer windows.

With United and OGS deciding to use the Academy-players much more - there are players like Williams, Laird, O'Connor, Garner, Levitt and a few others with a good chance of reaching the first team squad. Add to that, we will probably sign 4-5 players in the next 3 transfer windows. So we could easily have as many as 8-9 players either joining the club or being moved up from the U23 within the next 2 years.

Right now I only see 7 players I would say is certain to be a part of the future United-team:
AWB, Maguire, Lindelof, McTominay, Rashford, Martial, Greenwood

In addition there are 8-9 players where I expect the majority to stay but that could either go because they want to (Gomes still not signing a new contract and Pogba), because they are young and go out on loan, or never manage to take that final step (James, Dalot, Chong and Tuanzebe) or because OGS decides they aren't good enough to fight for the title (Lingard, Pereira, Jones, Shaw).

Smalling and Fred will probably be here this season but unless something changes dramatically, I can't see them being here for the start of the 20/21-season.

So if players like Garner, Williams etc continue to develop they way they have. (And I fully expect another 3-4 players from our academy to take the step up in the next 2 seasons) - and we sign 4-5 new players in the next 3 transfer windows, as few as 12-13 of our current first-team outfield-players could be at United in september 2021.

And when I said I see 7 players as certain to be a member of a future United-side, that really will make competition tough not to be squeezed out in the next 2 seasons.


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May 8, 2008
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Not all of those players will make it here.

But yeah, we are on the cusp of losing a lot of players. Next year I think Young, Rojo, Darmian, Jones are certainties to go.

We are getting there slowly but surely.

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Mar 12, 2019
Ed will do everything at a snails pace as per usual.

I’d consider it a success if he can manage to cut 3 players by the next summer window.


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Nov 30, 2017
This is a ridiculous post. Realistically, 10 is the absolute maximum amount of players that will be gone over the next two years.


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May 27, 2013
I would love this to be true - Smalling will still be here next season though i expect. More likely Rojo and Baily will depart before Jones and Smalling.
Darmian will likely be gone.
I would be surprised if Matic goes. I think the problem we have is our players earn to much money for what their abilities warrant. Then it becomes an issue to replace them.
It is certainly an exciting time if we can get it done right. Recruitment is a massive one....... Did we not got all out this summer because
1) We are skint (I dont believe this)
2) We still plan on appointed a DOF and only concentrated on necessities this summer
3) We have agreements with players to sign for us but not until next summer, but use this summers budget (Sancho).