Realistically speaking, what should be an acceptable summer transfer window for United?


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May 6, 2019
I am a massive fan of the summer transfer window. In the absence of actual games to watch, it provides excitement and is a welcome distraction. Not only for our club, but also watching the business done by others. It would be a stretch to say that United are transfer specialists, we are not. Even when on paper, we seem to have had a 'good window' like last season, we can somehow contrive to turn the whole thing into a complete and total disaster.

This season is trickier than most. Several players leaving on free transfers and some glaring weaknesses to address. However, this time round there is no Champions League football to attract the top targets, we still seem to lack the deftness needed to get multiple deals done in a timely fashion, our ETH seems to think that United's future may lie in the ability to recruit current or former Eredivise players and now we are facing the disruption of a Ronaldo departure. It would not be United, if it were ever straightforward.

All things considered, what, in your view, would be an acceptable transfer window for United? Realistically, who would you bring in and who would you ship out?